Portland Police confirm allegation that Antifa stole crime scene evidence from yesterday’s shootout

Will anyone be held accountable?

Antifa associate Jon Hamm, 36, bragged that Antifa had snipers on rooftops in Downtown Portland.

Update: We found a copy of the video of Dennis Anderson being stalked and harassed while one of his pursuers menaces him with a handgun.

On August 22nd, Antifa carried out rioting at two different locations in Portland. These locations are ten miles apart. Initially, a Patriotic Rally was scheduled at Waterfront Park. This rally was to mark the anniversary of the murder of Aaron Danielson by self-described Antifa member Michael Reinoehl. On August 20th, Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell stated publicly that Portland police would not protect the rally-goers.

Chief Lovell said that protecting members of the public from Antifa assaults would be “bad optics.” He said the police would only intervene after the fact. In light of this information, the rally was moved over nine miles away to a K-Mart parking lot that was out of business.

Waterfront Park:

Antifa massed at Waterfront Park in downtown Portland. Many had body armor, tactic gear, and long rifles. Journalists recorded videos of numerous attacks on pedestrians. Antifa can be seen assaulting people with chemical irritants and committing strong-armed robberies. Antifa also set pallets and trash on fire.

Portland Antifa member/associate Jon Hamm, 36, stated, on Twitter, that Antifa had “snipers” on rooftops in downtown Portland. He then deleted his entire Twitter account, most likely after being admonished by other group members.

The violence culminated with a 65-year-old man, Dennis G. Anderson, 65, of Gresham, OR, being pursued down SW 2nd Ave by Antifa. He allegedly stated, “you guys are the real fascists,” as he passed Antifa. Video clips appear to show Anderson being fired upon six times while he returns fire one time.

Anderson is arrested three minutes later without incident. One of the arresting officers appears to have been undercover in Antifa “black bloc” attire. Police have charged him with unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful use. The unlawful possession charge appears to stem from a past conviction for domestic violence. He was released from jail on August 23rd on a $5k cash bail.

Daniel Gresham is on video being stalked and harassed by Antifa. He pulls out a handgun and points it at the ground, Antifa are undeterred. Moments latter he is seen crouching behind a metal box while being shot at. He appears to fire one shot back.

Antifa then surrounds Portland police and screams profanities. A Portland cop is in on video accusing Antifa members of stealing evidence from the crime scene. The Antifa then mock the cop with sarcastic comments and make jokes about the alleged stolen evidence. The evidence in question appears to be unspent bullets dropped at the crime scene.

A press release by the Portland police again confirms that police believe evidence was stolen from the crime scene.

The shooting took place less than two blocks from where self-described Antifa member Michael Reinoehl stalked and murdered Aaron Danielson on August 29th, 2020.

K-Mart Parking parking:

Dozens of Antifa attacked the rally. They were armed with giant shields, clubs, homemade explosives, smoke bombs, and chemical irritants. A melee ensued for nearly thirty minutes, and police never showed up.

An old white van carried Antifa members allegedly tried to wreck into the rally site. The van was then tipped over and vandalized after the occupants fled.

A female reporter can be seen on video clips being violently assaulted, sprayed with multiple chemical irritants, and robbed.

Tweet from Antifa associate Jon Hamm.
Portland Police Surveillance plane

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