Sacramento Homicide Data

This was put together by the Twitter/X account Sacramento Insider: He obtained a list showing the race of each homicide victim and suspect from the police department. The population of Sacramento is 12.6% Black, 29.4% […]

Mass Shootings

The vanishing White mass shooter

How many times have you heard the claim, “Most Mass Shooters Are White?” National Conservative has already shown that Whites are dramatically underrepresented among mass shooters, including the largest, deadliest mass shootings. However, the first […]


Assault Homicide Deaths from 2014-2021

Most states in the USA have yet to publish statewide official homicide tallies for 2021. We only have partial tallies that were submitted to the FBI. However, the CDC tracks assault homicides deaths and has official data […]


Another “White” serial killer

The state of Florida continues to classify Blacks, who have Spanish surnames, as White people in crime data. This is not isolated to Orange County; it is statewide. Carlos Baez-Nieves has been charged with the murders of two alleged prostitutes, Nichole […]

Mass Shootings

Seven mass shootings over the weekend

There were seven mass shootings across the country over the weekend. However, despite 37 people being shot, only two were killed. Two of the shooters were also killed by police. Washington, DC: 6 shot, 0 killed Police say Rennwel Mantock, […]


2023 Interracial Homicide Study

National Conservative is still adding new confirmed interracial homicides to our 2023 database. This has become the largest and most comprehensive picture of interracial homicides in the USA ever created. This is an open source […]


NYPD 2023 homicide report released

The NYPD has released their 2023 homicide report. They list data on 297 homicide suspects: 57.6% Black non-Hispanic 9.4% Black Hispanic 67% total Black 24.2% non-Black Hispanic 5.4% non-Hispanic White 3.4% Asian/Pacific Islander Victims: 56.0% […]