UH lecturer denounces Whites for trying to save the whales

Hungry Japanese children suffer!

Guest column by YouTuber Renaissance Horizon

Bruce Ka’imi Watson is a lecturer at the University of Hawaii in Mānoa [UH Mānoa]. He has just published an eighteen-page paper denouncing efforts by White people to conserve what he calls “uncharismatic megafauna.” Watson calls himself an indigenous Native Hawaiian [Oiwi] educator living in an “occupied nation.” Many are suggesting on social media that he looks like he has a lot more European ancestry than Hawaiian.

Watson says that the White man has turned parts of the Pacific Ocean into “settler occupied racialized spaces.” He claims that the indigenous people of the Pacific Islands are suffering under the gaze of the White man, or as he calls it, the “White Gaze.” He says, “Like the eye of Sauron, White Gaze sits atop the ivory tower of Academy.”

Watson says the “White Gaze” has determined whales, dolphins, and porpoises to be “special.” Since the “White Gaze” values the survival of these “uncharismatic megafauna,” non-White Sea Islanders suffer. He specifically denounces Sea Shepard and Greenpeace and attacks White activists with racially charged slurs like Karen, Blonde Buddha, and Consumer Ken.

Watson complains that Whites are preventing the Japanese from eating more whales, claiming Whites don’t care about “hungry Japanese children.”

He claims that the White man has forced the Japanese to eat beef “through bullying and cultural shaming.” Thus changing Japan’s entire culture to suit the White man’s animal preservation goals. In reality, the Japanese have been raising cows for two thousand years or more. These cows developed a unique fatty acid profile, giving the meat different characteristics and flavors. Japanese cows and their beef are prized all over the world.

Watson makes a few factual statements. Different cultures place value on other things. While many Whites may place value on whales, he says the native Sea Islanders may place just as much weight on a rock that White people think is worthless. He also states that some White environmentalists have an ulterior motive to promote vegetarianism. However, these things are completely overshadowed by his wild over the top efforts to demonize all White people and encourage racial hatred.

Watson also constantly places words in brackets for really idiotic reasons. To me, it looks like something an idiot would do to try to make himself look more “intellectual” when he is actually not very smart. It reminds me of Michelle Obama inventing goofy new words in her anti-White senior thesis paper.

Watson even attacks UH Mānoa. He says the White faculty are engaged in oppression and violence against Sea Islanders.

UH Mānoa is currently a great place for people from elsewhere to learn about elsewhere. I see many Sea Islander graduate student [+human] GAs, GRAs, and post-docs doing the Sea Island knowledge work for [+Human] tenured faculty. The [+Human] tenured faculty are receiving large sums of money as grants to increase the diversity of Academy knowledge while minimally and tenuously employing Sea Islanders to actually do the work. This results in [+Human] [+White] faculty being financially encouraged to continue oppression and mistakenly perceiving this violence as inclusion.


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