14-day 6:00 PM youth curfew declared in Alice Springs, Australia over race riot

A group of nine Australian Aborigine males were allegedly joyriding in a stolen truck when they flipped it over. A 19 year-old was killed. His funeral was turned into a race riot.

Now, the regional government of the Northwest Territories has declared a youth curfew in the remote town.

Minors must be off the streets from 6 PM to 6 AM. The curfew will last fourteen days, and police are being brought in from across the region.

Despite its remote location and small population of about 24,800 people, Alice Springs is notorious as one of the most dangerous areas in the entire country. About 21% of the residents are Aborigines.

Alice Springs is already strongly associated with Aboriginal mob violence.

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2 months ago

I had no idea Abos could look (& act) so Sub-Saharan. Are these full-blooded, or intermixed with African blood? Though fully aware of their massive crime rates, I had assumed Abos behaved in more of a slow, depressed, bummed-out, stoned, AmerIndian kind of way, not with this level of savage black pep in their step.

The first vid is like an alternate universe version of A Clockwork Orange: https://youtu.be/EuzFLNpKen0