Prime Ministers of the UK & Australia conclude that the omicron variant is probably no big deal

But Israeli Prime Minister wants panic to grant himself new powers

The Prime Ministers of two of the most Covid-19 hysterical governments in the world are already concluding that omicron is probably no big deal.

The Conservative Party of the UK now wants citizens to take a Covid-19 every three months! However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already conceded that the omicron variant might not be a big deal stating, “there are doubts about what it can do.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated yesterday that the omicron variant “is proving to be less severe.”

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who is hyping the omicron variant as a means to grant himself broad new totalitarian powers. Bennett wants to use omicron as an excuse to track everyone’s phone. Israeli human rights groups are vowing to fight the Prime Minister in court.

So far, the data we have on the omicron variant is that it is an extremely mild version of the virus.

The ones trying to make a big deal out of the omicron variant are certain media outlets who rely on fear to get viewers, pharmaceutical companies motivated by profit, and some politicians who have an agenda to keep the anxiety going.


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