Is Twitter about to ban mugshots at the request of Antifa and the far-left?

Twitter appears poised to ban mug shots

The first significant act of the new Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal is to announce a vague new additional rule to Twitter’s “safety policies.”

Their safety policy forbids users from posting someone’s home address or private contact information. This to prevent people from using Twitter to wage a harassment campaign. However, Twitter is widely accused of selective enforcement.

The new additional rule is a vague ban on “private media.” The true motive is unclear, but the policy appears to be aimed at censoring mug shots of crime suspects. The radical left has long opposed the public distribution of these photos. They claim it is an invasion of privacy and “racist.” Many newspapers have stopped publishing mugshots. Cities like San Francisco and New York have declared mugshots to be “racist” and restricted access to them. The Utah House of Representatives recently voted to restrict access to mugshots statewide, claiming they perpetuate negative stereotypes of certain ethnic minorities.

For years, Antifa has squealed hysterically about their mugshots being distributed on social media.

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