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October 1st:

Amy Jean Uff, 53, Maryland Station, MD – Black on White – Relationship unknown

Cara Abbruscato, 40, Fairfax County, VA – Middle Eastern on White – Murdered at a campground, relationship unknown

Ricardo Villalobos, 39, Phoenix, AZ – Black on Latino – Lured into an ambush/robbery

Robert Clark, Tattnall County, GA – Black on White – Prison guard killing

Oct 2nd:

Ryan Carson, 32, New York City, NY – Black on White – Random stabbing attack

Angela Marina Risi, 30, Durham, NC – Black on White – Suspect described as a friend

Josh Kruger, 39, Philadelphia, PA – Black on White – Friend, Possible ex-boyfriend

William Chartrand, 82, Hanford, CA – Black on White – Randomly stabbed inside a store

Peter S. Krzystyniak, 55, Chicago, IL – Latino on Black – Robbery

Oct 3rd:

Felix Makinano, 53, Lodi, CA – White on Latino – Homeless man shot, suspect claims self-defense

Seok Park, 60, Tacoma, WA – Black on East Asian – Store clerk killing, armed robbery

Marcel Da’jon Wagner, 21, Seattle, WA – Latino on Black – Random murder on a public bus

Oct 4th:

Jason McKinnon, 48, Cincinnati, OH – Black on White – Pedestrian strangled to death after telling perps they were driving the wrong way

Oct 6th:

Jacob Adair, 28, Belfry, KY – Black on White – Possible robbery (double)

Rodney Estep, 38, Belfry, KY – Black on White – Possible robbery (double)

Ted Lawson, 63, Lansing, MI – Black on White – Random hate crime style killing

Bryant Grund, 31, Jacksonville, FL – Black on White – Suspects murdered Uber driver to get to his passenger

Oct 7th:

Rogelio Ochoa, 35, San Tan Alley, AZ – White on Latino – Killed inside a bar

Dicky Ruiz, 56, Lubbock, TX – Black on Latino – Drugs involved

Justin Graver, 42, Gresham, OR – Black on White – Unclear motive

Patrick Hunt, 56, Colorado Springs, CO – Black on White – Relationship Unknown

Terry Drummond, 61, Walker County, AL – Black on White – Roommate

Jaquez Hill, 20, Dothan, AL – White on Black – Possible robbery, unclear

Oct 8th:

Joshua Rash, 37, Sacramento, CA – Black on White – Relationship unknown

Miriam Martinez Pol, 56, Houston, TX – Black on Latino – Ex-boyfriend

Karan Singh, 34, West Covina, CA – Latino on Central Asian – Store Clerk

Oct 9th:

Jacklyn Marie Reed, 30, Hendersonville, NC – Black on White – Victim was arguing with another woman at McDonald’s and an employee pulled out a gun and murdered her

Oct 10th:

Crystal Loughran, 40, Fayetteville, NC – Black on White – Relationship Unknown

Oct 11th:

Porchia Crossley, 32, Auburndale, FL – White on Black – Police call it an argument over cannabis

Simon Yemane Semere, 34, Charlotte, NC – Black on Middle Eastern – Robbery

Mackenzie Bullard, 16, Quincy, IL – Black on White – Friend

Oct 12th:

Simon Nguyen, 18, Grand Prairie, TX – Black on East Asian – Friends, “engaged in high risk activity”

Richard Mendez, 50, Philadelphia, PA – Black on Latino – Cop killing

Adalberto Roman, 47, New Paterson, NJ – Black on Latino – Relationship Unknown

Oct 13th:

James Stephon Burton, 62, El Paso, TX – Latino on Black – Neighbor

Isaac Aney, 18, Everett, WA – Black on White – Relationship unknown

Roberto Almaguer, 29, Houston, TX – Black on White – Robbery

Oct 14th:

Luis Garcia, Ashland, WI – White on Latino – Suspect claims self-defense (double)

Manuel Garcia, Ashland, WI – White on Latino – Suspect claims self-defense (double)

Christine Vazquez, 48, New Hartford, CT – Latino on White – Husband

Joshua Alan Swink, 41, Hiram, GA – Latino on White – Victim was selling a dirt bike online

Oct 15th:

Wadea Al-Fayoume, 6, Plainfield Township, IL – White on Middle Eastern – Supposedly, landlord killed him to get revenge for Hamas attack on Israel

Kevin Berry, 58, Davenport, FL – Black on White – Road Rage

Henry Smalley, 51, Phoenix, AZ – Latino on White – Argument

Jackson Edward Danner, 23, Topeka, KS – Black on White – Murdered during party

Salvador Herrera, 42, Chicago, IL – Black on Latino – Perps were breaking into cars and then shot victim in the back

Eric White, 21, Albany, VT – White on Black – Relationship unknown (double)

Jahim Solomon, 21, Albany, VT – White on Black – Relationship unknown (double)

Oct 16th:

Daniel Abdelmalak, 25, Houston, TX – Black on Middle Eastern – Argument

Marco Antonio Escayola, 26, Houston, TX – Black on Latino – Motel killing

Brendon Armontae Nyquan Gray, 21, Little Mountain, SC – White on Black – Social media beef

Michael Hoang, 20, Savannah, GA – Latino on East Asian – Relationship Unknown

Oct 17th:

Chadrick Coats, 21, Pembroke Pines, FL – Latino on Black – Store clerk shot man for shoplifting

Oct 19th:

Andrew F. Wilkinson, 52, Hagerstown, MD – Latino on White – Judge killed execution style after overseeing man’s divorce hearing

Victor Garcia, Bensenville, IL – White on Latino – Friends/Party

Jasmer Singh, 68, NYC, NY – Black on Central Asian –  Road Rage

Daniel Terry Williams, Wetumpka, AL – Black on White – Raped and murdered in prison

Oct 20th:

Vanessa Lyn Brabson, 34, Fort Wayne, IN – White on Black – Boyfriend

Oct 21st:

Denise Morgan, 39, Queens, NY – Latin on White – Boyfriend

Diamonte Lewis, 24, Washington, DC – White* on Black – Relationship unknown

Autumn Wilkins, 28, Hemet, CA – Latino on White – Altercation

Jose Alvarez, 25, Borger, TX – White on Latino – Mass shooting at restaurant

Kemarion Tucker, 16, Oakley, CA – Latino on Black – Mass hooting at house party

Courtney Wickman, 31, Kansas City, MO – Black on White – Perp tried to shoot a bouncer and hit her instead

Shawn Hubbard, 39, New Orleans, LA – Black on White – Killed during Halloween parade

Oct 22nd:

Alvy Ndayishimiye, 27, Tuscon, AZ – Latino on Black – Friends/argument

Adrianna Lopez, 37, Chicago, IL – Black on Latino – Ex-boyfriend

Anthony E Clarke, 42, Colonial Beach, VA – White on Black – Friends, argument over drugs

Daniel Williams, 22, Elmore County, AL – Black on White – Tortured, raped to death in prison

Corey Adam Deck, 33, Roswell, NM – Latino on White – Relationship unknown

Oct 23rd:

Kyla Arce, Coral Springs, FL – White on Latino – Boyfriend

Dennis Parker, 41, Tacoma, WA – Black on White – Killed by neighbor’s boyfriend

Oct 24th:

Joshua Steven Lopez Rivera, 28, Austin, TX – White on Latino – Suspect is the step-father of victim’s girlfriend

Oct 25th:

Jonathan Jabari Clay, 47, San Leandro, CA – Latino on Black – Robbery

Steven Colter, 51, Crestline, CA – Latino on White – Hotel shooting, relationship unknown

Robert Blowe III, Federal Way, WA – Black on White – Carjacking

Oct 26th:

Bernard Gribbin, 48, Philadelphia, PA – Black on White – Random murder of a bus driver

Charlena Burnett, 44, Egg Harbor Township, NJ – Black on White – Boyfriend

Almaguer Garza, Houston, TX – Black on Latino – Robbery

Charlena M. Burnett, 44, Egg Harbor Township, NJ – Black on White – Boyfriend

Prince McCree, 5, Milwaukee, WI – Latino on Black – Beating/stabbing by man living in same house. White suspect also charged with helping to dispose of the body.

Oct 27th:

Philip Mock, 48, Savannah, GA – Black on White – Random bystander, suspect also killed a Black female

Teri Bigoski Mares, 64, Anderson, CA – Black on White – Granddaughter

Casey Ryan Goolsby, 24, Walkertown, NC – Black on White – Motive unclear

Renzo Arellano, 17, Fresno, CA – Black on Latino – Shot at Halloween party

Jennifer Anderson, 44, Phenix City, AL – Black on White – Relationship unknown

Josiah Goecker, 34, Anchorage, AL – American Indian on White – Apartment manager killed

October 28th:

Brianna Hetrick, 22, Homer, Alaska – Latino on White – Boyfriend

Peyton Davidson, 20, El Reno – American Indian on White – Halloween Party

Chandler Wyatt Stalcup, 18, Billings, MT – American Indian on White – Party

Jennifer Colin, 35, San Antonio, TX – Latino on White – Mass shooting at a party

Jacob Gatten, 33, Springfield, MO – East Asian on White – Argument

Christina Richardson, 37, Columbus, GA – Black on White – Motel killing, motive unknown

October 29th:

Varun Raj Pucha, 24, Valparaiso, IN – Latino on Central Asian – Stabbed at gym

Mario Batrez, 30, Independence, MO – Black on Latino – Stepfather (double)

Adonis Knight, 23, Independence, MO – Black on Latino – Stepfather (double)

Antonio Castilleja, 21, Salem, OR – White on Latino – Love triangle

Brianna Long, 21, Valdosta, GA – Black on White – Victim was working at a bar when perp got angry and started shooting at people

Harrison Boonstoppel, 14, Tampa, FL – Black on White – Mass Shooting

Mohammad Mahabub Rahman, Upper Darby Township, PA – Black on Central Asian – Armed robbery

Oct 30th:

Terrance Faulks, 56, Decatur, GA – White on Black – Killed by drug addict girlfriend, could be ruled self-defense, only charged with manslaughter

Madden Gouveia, 14, Bristol, VT – Black on White – Friend

Tyair Stump, 26, Renton, WA – Latino on Black – Girlfriend, claims self-defense

James Aaron Rieder Jr., 17, Raymond, MS – Black on White – Relationship unknown

Jason York, Independence, KS – Black on White – Armed robbery by a group

Oct 31st:

Faybe’ann Ragsdale, 19 , Monroe, GA – Black on White – Targeted killing, victim is F-M transsexual

October Tally: 106

Black-on-White: 41
Black-0n-Latino: 12
Black-on-East Asian: 2
Black-on-Middle Eastern: 2
Black-on-Central Asian: 3
Latino-on-White: 10
Latino-on-Black: 9
Latino-on-Central Asian:1

Latino-on-East Asian: 1
Middle Eastern-on-White: 1
American Indian-on-White: 3
East Asian-on-White: 1
White-on-Latino: 8
White-on-Black: 9
White-on-Middle Eastern: 1

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