Twenty-four state legislatures have passed laws banning on transitioning minors. All of them ban surgeries.  Twenty-two of them ban hormonal drugs for minors.

Latest updates:

The Kansas Senate originally passed a ban on transitioning minors in February 2023. However, the House leadership did not include it on its agenda.

Finally, due to public pressure, the House voted on their version of the bill. On March 13th, 2024, it passed by 80 to 40.

On March 20th, the Kansas House and Senate launched a conference committee to reconcile the differences between their two bills.

The Wyoming Senate initially passed a ban in February of 2023. However, like Wyoming, the House leadership refused to put it on the agenda.

In February 2024, the Wyoming Senate introduced and passed a new version of the bill. This time, the Wyoming House put it on the agenda. The House passed an amended version 56 to 6. The Senate approved this new version, and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed it into law on March 22nd.

The Ohio legislature has voted to override the Governor’s veto. HB 68 will now become law.

Left-wing Republican governor of Ohio Mike DeWine has vetoed HB 68. However, it was passed with a large veto proof majority.

Ohio is the first legislature to pass a ban in the new 2023-2024 legislative session!

Ohio’s HB 68 was passed with a veto-proof majority in the House and Senate on December 13th.

Louisiana is the state that had the most significant Democratic Party support.

In a surprise move, Louisiana’s HB 648 was brought to a full vote in the Senate despite being previously killed by a pro-transsexual Republican. Fred Mills, who is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry and a former Democrat, used his committee chairmanship to kill the bill. This occurred despite the bill gaining unprecedented Democratic party support in the House.

It was eventually passed by the Senate 29 to 10, only to be vetoed by the Democrat Governor. The legislature has more than enough votes to override his veto. The veto was easily overridden, and the new law goes into effect on 1/1/2024. 

Washington’s SB 5599, to seize out-of-state children for free transsexual drugs/surgeries, has been signed into law.

Pending States:

South Carolina S 627

Assigned to the Senate Committee on Medical Affairs on March 14th.

North Carolina HB 43

Assigned to the House Committee on Health on February 6th.

New Hampshire HB 619

The bill is assigned to the House Committee on Health and Human Services. A public hearing was held on March 7th.

New Jersey S 3076

Assigned to the Senate Committee on Health and Human services on September 29th, 2022. No actions have been taken.

Bans that have passed:

Arizona SB 1138

Passed in March 2021.

North Dakota’s Governor Doug Burgum has signed HB 1254.

North Dakota HB 1254

Passed by the House on February 17th, 66 to 25. The Senate Committee of Human Services held hearings for the bill on March 28th and March 29th.

On April 3rd, the North Dakota Senate passed by 37 to 10. The bill was sent to the governor on April 12th.

Idaho H 71

Passed by the House on February 14th, 58 to 12. A modified version passed the Senate on March 27th, 22 to 12. On March 28th, the House passed the new version 56 to 13.

The bill was delivered to the governor on March 30th

Montana SB 99

Passed by the Senate on February 8th, 30 to 20. The House passed a modified version on March 24th, 65 to 34. The Senate passed the new revised version 32 to 17 on March 29th.

The bill was sent to the Governor on April 14th. On April 17th, the Governor issued an amendatory veto and returned a modified version of the bill to the legislature. The Senate then voted 31 to 19 to pass the Governor’s new version.

On April 18th, the House adopted the Governor’s proposed amendments 66 to 34.

Indiana S 480

Passed by the Senate on February 28th, 36 to 12. Passed by the House on March 27th, 65 to 30. Signed by the Speaker and sent to the Governor on March 29th.

Oklahoma SB 619 was singed by the governor on May 1st.

The Florida ban was signed by the Governor on May 17th. In Florida, the House passed SB 254 by a vote of 82 to 31. It was passed by the Senate, 27 to 12, on May 4th. The Senate added an amendment. This amended version was passed by the House 83 to 28. Many view the Florida version to be the most hardline in the country.

Nebraska LB 574

Introduced on January 17th, 2023. This bill was debated in the Senate for three days, March 22nd through March 24th. A group of pro-transsexual Senators spent eight hours attempting to filibuster it. However, a motion for cloture was eventually held and passed 30-17.

On April 13th, the Nebraska Senate voted 33 to 16 to “enroll” the bill. Nebraska has only one chamber, but they must hold two debates and two votes for each bill. The “engrossment” phase is now underway.

Signed by the governor on May 22nd.

Missouri SB 49

This bill passed the Missouri Senate by a vote of 24 to 8 on March 23rd. Assigned to the House Committee on General Laws on March 24th.

A hearing was scheduled in the House Committee on General Laws for April 11th. The House Committee on General Laws passed the bill on April 13th. On April 17th, it was referred to the House Rules – Legislative Oversight Committee. That committee voted to pass it on April 19th.

Texas SB 14

Introduced on March 8th and debated on March 29th. A cloture motion passed by 19 to 11.

On April 4th, the Texas Senate passed an amended version of the bill 19 to 12. On May 15th, the House passed the new amended version.  On May 17th, the bill was signed by the Senate and is ready for the governor.

This bill is less strict than most as it exempts current patients.

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4 months ago

A nationwide bill is needed to ban these barbaric/demonic practices from occurring