Florida could pass the most hardcore anti trans-for-minors bill

Parents would be in danger of losing custody of their kids

Florida has enacted an executive ban on transsexual drugs and procedures for minors. This was done using the state medical boards. However, this will be challenged in the courts, and could potentially be ruled as an overreach of power.

HB 1421 would have codified this ban. It was passed by the House Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee 12 to 5 on April 22nd. On April 7th, it was passed by the House Health & Human Service Committee 15 to 6.

However, on April 18th, the House “laid HB 1421 on the table” and substituted it with SB 254.

This bill bans transsexual drugs and procedures in the state using the healthcare worker licensing system. Providing transsexual drugs or surgeries to minors will be a violation of a Florida state healthcare license.

However, SB 254 goes much further. It allows judges to grant emergency warrants to take physical custody of a child who is being subjected to transsexual drugs or procedures. This means a parent could face the possibility of losing custody of their child if they use a black market service or take them out of state for transsexual procedures.

SB 254 was passed by the Florida Senate 27 to 12 on April 4th. On April 18th, the House voted on seventeen proposed amendments. Most were from Democrats, and all failed by huge margins. One passed, one was postponed, and one was ruled out of order.

The debate for the bill continues.

This is on the opposite end of the spectrum from SB 5599, passed by the Washington State legislature. That bill allows the state to seize out-of-state runaway children, withhold them from their parents, and provide them with free transsexual procedures. The state of Washington has already ended parental consent for transsexual drugs and surgeries for minors. Those 13 and older can consent on their own. Those under 13 can have a doctor consent on their behalf even if the parents oppose. Consider that many doctors in the state have launched for-profit “gender clinics” and their is a financial incentive for them to consent.

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