Anti-immigration nationalists in the European Parliament Updated 7/9

A list of parties

Updates: On June 30th, the leaders of the largest political parties in Hungary, Austria, and Czech Republic announced the creation of a new group called Patriots for Europe. They will need members from at least four other countries. However, this will probably not be a problem for them.

On July 3rd, the ECR filing paperwork listing their official members. They have 84 people from 19 countries. The group ID is almost certainly going to dissolve, with the remaining members joining other groups.

On July 5th, Spain’s VOX left the ECR and re-affiliated with PfE. The Netherland’s Party for Freedom also joined PfE.

This list was created by YouTuber Renaissance Horizon

This is a list of the parties that will generally be the most reliable in opposing open borders and third-world immigration in Europe. National Conservative does not endorse any parties or candidates.

There are two nationalist groupings in the European Parliament, the Identity and Democracy [ID] group and the European Conservative and Reformists [ECR] group. Then, there are parties that are currently unaffiliated with any group for a wide variety of reasons. Some, like Fidesz, AfD, SMER, and Hlas have been expelled from their original groups. Other parties are brand new.

The ECR was originally created as a vanity group for the British Tory Party. They did not like playing second fiddle to the German Christian Democrats in the center-right European People’s Party [EPP]. However, to meet the minimum requirements to form their own group, the Tories had to recruit parties that were much more conservative than they were. The Tories ended up being charged huge fines for misusing EU group funding to send Tory politicians to vacation resorts in Florida. After Britain left the European Union, the Polish Law & Justice party became the leader of the ECR. Now, the Polish Law and Justice party and the Italian Brothers of Italy jointly lead the group.

The ID was initially put together by Silvio Matteo of the Italian League in 2019, back when his party was much bigger. With the Italian League now much smaller and France’s National Rally claiming they will not ally with Alternative for Germany [AfD], the future of Identity & Democracy is very much up in the air. For example, Romania’s new S.O.S. Romania announced their intention of joining ID before the election, but has also said they are open to re-affiliating with a new group led by the AfD.

The ECR is most likely going to continue in its current form. Georgia Meloni, Prime Minister of Italy, hopes to use the ECR as leverage against EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the EPP.

The EPP will be the largest group by far, giving them considerable control over the agenda and filling the EU bureaucracies. However, they will not be able to get their legislation passed without another large ally.

Meloni hopes to begin placing new illegal aliens in detention centers in Albania beginning in August. These illegal will allegedly have their fake asylum claims processed in 28 days and face immediate deportation. Meloni hopes to leverage ECR support for EPP legislation in exchange for the EU to back off and not interfere with Italy’s immigration plans.

Fidesz had previously hoped to act as a bridge between the ID, the ECR, and some of their remaining old allies in the EPP. Fidesz is also a big ally of Slovakia’s SMER, which, like Fidesz, was expelled from their original grouping.

There are 705 seats total in the EU parliament.

Patriots for Europe [PE]: 84 (Announced on June 30th)

Austrian Freedom Party: 6 (Former member if ID, Largest party from Austria)
Belgium Flemish Interest: 3 (Tied for largest party from Flanders)
Czech Republic ANO: 7 (Defected from RE, Largest party in Czech Republic)
Czechia Oath/Motorists: 2 (Brand new)
Denmark People’s Party: 1
French National Rally: 30 (Largest party from France, most seats held by any party in EU)
Greece Voice of Reason: 1 (New party)
Hungary Fidesz: 11 (Expelled from EPP, Largest party from Hungary)
Italy League: 8 (Former ID
Latvia Latvia First: 1 (New party)
Netherlands Party for Freedom: 6 (Second largest party from Netherlands)
Portugal CHEGA: 2 (new party)
Spain Vox: 6 (Defected from ECR)

European Conservatives and Reformist [ECR]: 78

Belgium New Flemish Alliance: 3
Bulgaria There is Such a People: 1
Croatia Homeland Movement: 1
Cyprus National Popular Front: 1
Czech Civic Democratic Party: 3
Denmark Democrats: 1
Estonia Conservative People’s Party: 1 (Party splintered after election, MEP now tied to splinter group)
Finland Finns Party: 1
France Reconquest: 4 (Party splintered since election, these MEPs all left party)
Greece Greek Solutions: 2
Italy Brothers of Italy: 24 (Largest party from Italy)
Latvia National Alliance: 2
Latvia United List: 1
Lithuania Electoral Action of Poles: 1
Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union: 1
Luxembourg Alternative Democratic Reform Party: 1
Netherlands Reformed Party: 1
Poland Law and Justice Party: 20 (Second Largest Party from Poland)
Romania Alliance for the Union: 5
Romania National Conservative Party: 1
Sweden Swedish Democrats: 3

Nationalist parties not currently affiliated: 40

Bulgaria Revival: 3 (Very hardline)
Czech Republic Freedom & Direct Democracy: 1
France Reconquest: 1
Germany Alternative for Germany: 15 (Expelled from ID by Le Pen, Second largest party from Germany)
Greece Democratic Patriotic Movement: 1
Hungary Our Homeland: 1 (Very hardline)
Lithuania People and Justice: 1
Poland Confederation: 6 (Very hardline)
Slovakia SMER: 5 (National conservative Socialist Party, expelled from S&D)
Slovakia Republic: 2 (Very hardline)
Slovakia Hlas: 1 (National conservative Socialist Party, expelled from S&D)
Spain The Party is Over: 3

Possible allies still in the European People’s Party [EPP]: 20

France Les Republicans: 6 (Party has already splintered since election)
Italy Forward Italy: 8
Romania Democratic Alliance of Hungarians: 2
Slovenia Democratic Party: 4

Forward Italy & Fidesz once led a conservative faction of the EPP together.

Socialist party wildcards: 21

Bulgaria Socialist Party: 2 (Part of left-wing S&D, but more like SMER in terms of social conservatism and nationalism)
Denmark Social Democrats: 3 (Current leader re-invented party as anti-immigration out of necessity)
Germany Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance: 6 (New splinter group of The Left Party, hyped as “anti-immigration,” unaffiliated)
Romania Social Democratic Party: 10 (Part of left-wing S&D, but more like SMER in terms of social conservatism and nationalism)

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