“Boogaloo Boy” cop-killer confirms he was motivated by BLM at court hearing

But the media is still calling him "far-right"

At the height of the George Floyd/BLM riots, active duty Air Force MP Sergeant Steven Carrillo, 31, murdered Federal security guard David Patrick Underwood. He also allegedly murdered Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputy Damon Gutzwiller.

Carrillo identified with the left-libertarian “Boogaloo” movement. Carrillo was a supporter of left-libertarian president candidate Jo Jorgensen. He also expressed hatred of police on social media, even though he was an Air Force police officer. Many media outlets have falsely claimed he was “far-right.” No evidence of any far-right beliefs has been found. Carrillo had an alleged accomplice named Robert Justus.

Carrillo agreed to confess to the murder of Underwood as part of a plea bargain. In return he will only be sentenced to forty one years. He will be tried for the murder of Gutzwiller separately.

During the court hearing, Carrillo wrote BLM on his medical mask. Despite openly declaring that his motivation was the Black Lives Matter movement, many media still falsely called him “far-right.”

The so-called “Boogaloo Boys” range from left-libertarian to left-anarchist in ideology. However, the so-called “mainstream” media calls them “far-right.” There were at least thirty-five other people killed during the rioting.

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