Militant who threatened to murder Bakersfield City Council released with ankle bracelet

Incoming wrist slap!

Riddhi Patel is an ethnic Indian (from India) who is a professional far-left activist in California. She is employed by the far-left Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment.

On April 10th, she spoke at a Bakersfield, California city council meeting. She informed city council members that she believed in “violent revolution” and hoped the members of the city council would get murdered. Despite promoting violence, she was allowed to return to the podium and speak again at the same meeting. The second time, she threatened to come to the homes of city council members and murder them. Another far-left activist was arrested for allegedly breaking a $2k glass door and spitting on a police officer.

In previous incidents, Patel has allegedly stalked the vice mayor, following him to public places while screaming profanities.

According to local media, Patel was arrested and charged with a total of eighteen felony charges. These include eight counts of threatening with intent to terrorize and another eight counts of threatening a public official. No media outlets have stated what the final two charges are. She was given a $2 million bond. The pro-Palestinian United Liberation Front, which she claimed to represent at the meeting, disavowed her publicly. The Center on Race, Poverty, and Environment fired her from her job as a paid activist.

However, a local court is already treating her with kid gloves. Judge David Wolf coddled Patel, suggesting that her death threat might not have been serious, but made in the heat of the moment. She was granted reduced bail and bond amounts and then released on the condition that she wear a GPS ankle monitor.


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Master Roshi
1 month ago

Judge ((( David Wolf)))