North Dakota man slaughters 18-year-old for being “Republican Extremist,” claims self-defense, released on $50k bond

Perp says he was scared when victim called his mother

Shannon Brandt, 41, has been arrested after killing Cayler Ellingson, 18, at 3:00 AM Sunday in McHenry, North Dakota. Brandt smashed into Ellingson with his SUV in an alley. He fled the scene and was later arrested at his home.

So far, Brandt has been charged with felony negligent homicide and felony DUI. According to KRVV News, Brandt has confessed to hitting Cayler on purpose but claims it was self-defense. He says that the victim was using his cellphone and feared that friends of the victim would show up and attack him. Brandt called Ellingson a “Republican extremist.”

According to police, Ellingson had called his mother.

The two were talking about politics, and Brandt became enraged that Ellingson was a Republican.

Brandt was already released Tuesday on a comically small $50k bond.


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