Police officer critical, gunman dead in Atlanta, Antifa now rioting

Someone opened fire on police at the Antifa squatter camp outside Atlanta

A man allegedly opened fire on police near the so-called “Cop City” autonomous protest zone in the woods outside the Atlanta city line. A Georgia state trooper was seriously injured, and the alleged gunman was shot and killed. Antifa Twitter accounts confirm that the deceased man is linked to Antifa.

Antifa has been camping in a wooded area where the city plans to build a law enforcement training center. They call themselves “forest defenders” and “treehouse Antifa.” Recently, the Georgia state police charged six people with domestic terrorism for alleged crimes from this location.

Antifa immediately called for a “night of rage,” and Antifa began rioting and blocking traffic in Atlanta’s Little Five Points neighborhood.

The officer was initially listed as being critical. He has now been upgraded to stable.

This would make at least four Antifa members who have died after pulling a gun on police in recent years. The other three incidents all took place in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2020, Michael Reinoehl was shot and killed during a shootout with US Marshalls in Lacey, WA. Reinoehl was captured on video stalking and murdering a Trump supporter.

In 2019, Willem Van Spronsen was shot and killed after aiming a rifle at police in Tacoma, WA. Spronsen was attempting to set a facility owned by an ICE contractor on fire.

In 2019, Charlie Landeros was shot and killed by police after pulling out a handgun in Eugene, WA. Landeros entered a middle school armed while armed. Possibly to attempt a parental kidnapping of a daughter he had just lost custody of.

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