Antifa media outlet calls for retaliatory violence against Atlanta cops

"Consider this a call for reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies."

Scenes From the Atlanta Forrest [SFAF] is a genuine Antifa website. We know this because it is hosted on Antifa’s international webhosting service known as noblogs.

Recently, SFAF was the first Antifa site to post a declaration of responsibility for an arson attack on a Portland bank. Other Antifa websites syndicated the statement afterward. SFAF’s declaration claimed that the bank was targeted over a link to the planned construction of a law enforcement training outside of the city of Atlanta.

Noblogs is possibly being operated out of Italy.

The Twitter account for the SFAF website was just suspended for posting their call for violence on Twitter. It is unknown if they are permanently banned or only temporarily suspended. Given the explicit nature of the statement they posted, they are probably permanently banned.

This website has reported on some of the Twitter accounts banned or suspended for promoting violence. Most appear to be getting banned permanently.

Yesterday, someone at the Antifa squatter camp near Atlanta opened fire on police. A Georgia state trooper was seriously injured. Police returned fire and the gunman was killed. His identity has not been released because the authorities have not yet reached his next of kin. After the shooting, Antifa became blocking traffic in the Little Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta.

Police have raided Antifa web hosting services in Europe. However, this is very rare. After Antifa rioting at the 2017 G-20 Summit in Hamburg, German police raided the homes of 36 people connected to a similar online operation that was called Links unten mean “bottom left.” There have been a few other smaller crackdowns.

NoBlogs requires all users to use encrypted anonymous e-mail services in anticipation of a future police raid. The content creators use language with plausible denial. Describing everything as “something that some other anonymous person is saying that I am only reporting on.”

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