Almost all IL county sheriffs express opposition to new gun ban

Only three county sheriffs say they will enforce it

Illinois is one of the most extreme examples of a US state where one city controls a colossal portion of the state government. The only worse example is New York. Illinois has 12.7 million people and 102 counties. However, 40.7% of the population lives in Cook County, home to the city of Illinois.

The Illinois state legislature has passed a new state-wide gun ban. It was signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker last week. The bill could make hundreds of thousands of people eligible to be charged with felonies if they don’t register their firearms with the state government. Many types of weapons will now be illegal to purchase by state residents.

As of 1/16, only three county sheriffs have stated they will enforce the new law. Ninety-six county sheriffs have either said they would not enforce the law or have made a statement expressing support for second amendment rights.

From (1/16)..

Out of 102 County Sheriffs:

2.9% will enforce the law
2.9% have made no statement
13.8% declared support for the 2nd amendment
80.4% will not enforce the law

The new bill was passed 68 to 41 in the House and 34 to 20 in the Senate.

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