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April 1st:

Angel Leanne Thompson Smith, 31, Slidell, LA – Black on White – Boyfriend

Francisco Simon Tanajara, 38, Oklahoma City, OK – White on Latino – Motorcycle club shooting

Jonathan Garcia, 27, New Haven, CT – Black on Latino – Relationship unknown

April 2nd:

Jacob Stratton, 24, Columbus, OH – Latino on White – Burglary

April 3rd:

Leah Rosin-Pritchard, 38, Battleboro, VT – Black on White – Charity worked hacked to death

Matthew Miller, 59, Chandler, AZ – Black on White – Stranger/Hate crime style shooting

Darren Whitfield, 42, Philadelphia, PA – Latino on Black – Road Rage

April 4th:

Bob Lee, San Francisco, CA – Middle Eastern on White – Acquaintance from industry

Keith Martin, 56, Kansas City, MO – Black on White – Possible armed robbery

Michael Evans, 56, Washington, DC – Black on White – Possible armed robbery

Larisa Pereshivaylova, 57, Los Angeles, CA – Latino on White – Neighbor

April 5th:

Anthoni Orozco, 27, Seattle, WA – Black on White – Tried to recover stolen playstation

April 6th:

Mark Garrity Jr., 35, Raleigh, NC – Middle Eastern on White – Man stabbed by owner while inside a convenience store

Edwin Arevalo, 33, Houston, TX – Black on Latino – Road Rage

Zachary Aaron Williamson, 41, San Antonio, TX – Latino, TX – Girlfriend

Bailea Rae McDermott, 24, Tucson, AZ – Latino on White – Boyfriend

Isaiah Collazo, 18, NYC, NY – Black on Latino – Subway stabbing, argument

April 7th:

Aaron Morris Nix, 33, Scottsboro, AL – White on Black – Possible robbery?

Terry Bryan, 31, Shawnee, Oklahoma – Latino on White – Roommates in squatter house

Reese McDowell Lawhon, 43, Portland, OR – Latino on White – Hate crime style killing by transsexual activist

Jesus Romero, 20, Tucson, AZ – Black on Latino – Robbery

April 8th:

Tiffany Ross, 24, Akron, OH – Akron, OH – Black* on White – Murdered in a bar

Mia Simone Felder, 30, Mckinleyville, CA – White on Black – Boyfriend

Gerald Allen, 84, Little Rock, AR – Black on White – Suspect was drag racing on a public road and slammed into him

April 9th:

Christopher G. Osman, 43, Decatur, IL – Black* on White – Relationship unknown

Keith Johnson, 39, Port Saint Lucia, FL – Latino on Black – Possible MC feud

Adam Burns, 22, Corpus Christi, TX – Latino on White – Drive-by shooting

Clayton Stephens, 19, Lawton, OK – Black on White – Boyfriend

Patrick Jenkins, 38, Richmond, VA – Black on White – Argument

Todd A. Morgan, 41, Hudson, OH – Black on White – Relationship unknown

Paula Belonga, 51,, Tyler, TX – Black on White – Boyfriend

Brent Alley, 20, Largo, Florida – Black on White – Ambush/Robbery/Murder during cannabis sale

John Wesley Dooley, 54, Bonita, CA – Latino on White – Homeless man killed

April 10th:

Mathew Nelson, 22, Clovis, NM – Black on White – Relationship unknown

Lawrence Herr, 66, Kenner, LA – Black on White – Strangers/Hate crime style killing

Juliana Farmer, 45, Louisville, KY – White on Latino – Mass shooting

Tracy Kay Cantu, 57, Plano, TX – Latino on White – Murdered by stepson

April 11th:

Daniel Altman, Georgetown, SC – Black on White – Lured to his death

Aureanna Hernandez, 21, Dallas, TX – Black on Latino – Possible unintended victim

April 12th:

Jude Walton, 51, Ann Arbor – Black on White – Social worker raped & murdered by homeless man

April 13th:

Jesse Ray Rogers, 30, Cleveland, TX – Latino on White – Murdered by former co-worker

Richard Leal, 41, Denver, CO – Black on Latino – Argument, may have known each other

Cash Piatt, 39, Channelview, TX – Black on White – Motel killing

April 14th:

Alexis Boland, 22, Dunlap, IL – Black on White – Boyfriend

Nabaruna Karmakar, 33, Morrisville, NV – White on Central Asian – Husband

Larry Alan Wilson, 54, San Antonio, TX – Black on White – Grindr Killing

Daniel James Taylor, 17, Milan, IL – Black on White – Robbery

Crystal Soto, 19, Houston, TX – Black on Latino – Relationship unknown

Adrian Gilberto Elvir, 37, Dallas, TX – Black on Latino – Armed robbery

April 15th:

Joseph Johnson, 43, Nyssa, OR – Latino on White – Cop Killing

Kaden Mae-Harkins, 25, Urbana, OH – Black on White – Boyfriend

Joseph Quinton West, 22, San Antonio – Black on White – Grindr killing

April 16th:

Ashley Coyne, Chattanooga, TN – Black on White – Appears to be an unintended bystander

Lantonia Faulk, 43, Sugar Land, TX – Latino on Black – Boyfriend

Trevian Myles-Moorehead, 29, McKinney, TX – Latino on Black – Relationship unknown

Chastity Huff, 48, Pflugerville, TX – Latino on White – Boyfriend

Ryan Romero, 15, El Paso, TX – East Asian on Latino – Shooting at party

April 17th:

Reynaldo Medrano Jr., 36, Phoenix, AZ – Pacific Islander on Latino – Robbery

April 18th:

Axel Geraldo Gilbert, 20, Pinellas Park, FL – Black on White – Appears to be a neighbor

Blake Mohs, 26,  Pleasanton, CA – Black on White – Home Depot employee killed by Shoplifter

James McDaniel, 55, Tulsa, OK – Black on White – Random hate crime style shooting (double)

Lundin Hathcock, 35, Tulsa, OK – Black on White – Random hate crime style shooting (double)

April 19th:

Gary L. Denham, 53, Oak Grove, MO – Black on White – Road rage

Lance Louis, 42, New Castle, PA – Black on White – Possible road rage

Randall Cooke, 59, Holiday, FL – Latino on White – Uber driver killing

Antron Pointer, 41, Columbus, OH – White on Black – Girlfriend, mistakenly thought it was a break-in

Jorge Torres-Maestre, 41, San Jose, CA – White on Latino – Relationship unknown

Derek Alexander, Atlanta, GA – Black on White – Random murder

Alexa Bartell, Denver, CO – East Asian on White – Suspect threw rock through the victim’s windshield

April 20th:

Saiesh Veera, 24, Columbus, OH – Black on Central Asian – Killed while working as gas station clerk

April 21st:

Carlos Aybar, 30, Forth Worth, TX – Black on Latino – Maintenance man killed by tenant being evicted

Norbert Olmscheid, 70, St. Cloud – Black on White – Hate crime killing with a car

Micheal Garr Jr., 15, Upper Darby, PA – Black on White – Possible hate crime style killing

Irma Rivera-Martinez, 25, Glendale, AZ – Middle Eastern on Latino – Targetted attack, but motive not given

Michael Garr, 15, Upper Darby Township, PA – Black on White – Random stranger killing / stabbing

April 22nd:

Dan Likiko, 21, Florence, KY – White on Black – Argument

Rebecca Jenkins, 43, Oakland, CA – Black-on-White – Mixed race daughter also murdered (boyfriend)

Madeline Bills, 18, Moore, OK – Black-on-White -Ex-boyfriend

Kimberly Robinson, 60, Dallas, TX – Latino on Black – Serial Killer

April 23rd:

Marcus Bush, 39, Norcross, GA – Black on White – Unintended bystander

Cyril Lowery, 34, Dillon, SC – White on Black – Relationship unknown

Li Y, 23, Charlotte, NC – Black on Eat Asian – Robbery

Shawna McCowan, 43, Las Vegas, NV – Latino on White – Random/Innocent bystander

April 24th:

Anthony Watts, 61, Jackson, MS – White on Black – Murdered while providing roadside assistance

Valerie Cepeda, 19, Hallandale, FL – Black on Latino – Ex-boyfriend

Christopher Andrew Kudlik, 19, Chicago, IL – Latino on White – Relationship unknown

April 25th:

Manuel Eduardo Heaton, 27, Elberfeld, IN – White on Latino -Robbery

Kimberly Lewis, 46, Katy, TX – Latino on Black – Suspect held grudge against victim’s son

April 26th

Bella Fontenelle, 6, Harahan, LA – Pacific Islander on White – Killed by father’s girlfriend
Jordan Marie Beardshear, 23, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota – Latino on White – Boyfriend/Baby daddy
April 27th:

Juan Carlos Colon, 39, New Haven, CT – Black on Latino – Relationship unknown

Jeffery Allen McKinney Jr., 30, Rockdale, TX – Black on White – Relationship unknown

Melissa Hoddenbach, 55, Burbank, IL – Black on White – Murdered in restaurant, motive unknown

Unnamed, Jacksonville, FL – White on Black – Boyfriend

April 28th:

Lauren Heike, 29, Phoenix, AZ – Black on White – Random hate crime style

Korey Wilson, 40, Tempe, AZ – Latino on Black – Killed by girlfriend

Ryan Healy, 25, Cincinnati, OH – Black on White – Random murder, suspect is a 17-year-old gang member

April 29th:

Jonathon Elliott, 14, Edinburgh, IN – Latino on White – Relationship unknown

Christian Santiago, 36, Witchita, KS – Latino on White – Possibly drug related

Edgar Hernandez-Sandoval, 41, Grand Rapids, MI – Black on Latino – Killed at motel

Damon Howard, 52, Albuquerque, NM – Latino on Black – Killed at motel

De’Mallon Lamare Anthony White, 29, Gastonia, NC  – White on Black – Relationship unknown

Jamie Craig, 44, Kansas City, MO – Black on White – Suspect is 14 years old. Victim is a school teacher who did anti-violence activist

Edgar Romero Gutierrez, 53, Columbus, OH – Black on Latino – Relationship unknown

Jesus Gallegos, 19, Pittsburgh, CA – Black on Latino – Unknown relationship

April 30th:

De’Arreis Smith, 18, White on Black – Mass shooting

Nick Hallam, 31, San Antonio, TX – Latino on White – Wife’s secret boyfriend

Fabian Alberto Sanchez Gonzalez, 23, Baltimore, MD – Black on Latino – Store clerk murdered


April Tally: 108

Black-on-White: 45
Black-on-Latino: 13
Black-on-Central Asian: 1

Black-on-East Asian: 1
Latino-on-Black: 8
Latino-on-White: 19
Middle Eastern-on-White: 2
Middle Eastern-on-Latino: 1
Pacific-Islander-on-White: 1
Pacific-Islander-on-Latino: 1
East Asian-on-Latino: 1

East Asian-on-White: 1
White-on-Latino: 4
White-on-Black: 9
White-on-Central Asian: 1

*Light-skinned racially mixed suspect, classified as “Black” by the jail where he is being held.


Both Black and White suspects have been arrested in the murder of a Latina female, Brenda Ochoa Guerrero.

One Black and one White suspect were arrested for the murder of a Black male, JaQuincy Byrd.

A mix of Black and Latino suspects arrested in the murder of a Black male, Malik Brooks.

A mix of White and Latino suspects have been arrested for the murder of a White male, Christian Santiago.

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