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August 1st:

Santiago Rodriguez, 17, Reno, NV – Black on Latino – Relationship unknown (double)

Manuel Garcia, 15, Reno, NV – Black on Latino – Relationship unknown (double)

Talia Wills, 19, Albuquerque, NM – Black on White – Boyfriend

Michelle Hicks, 45, Chandler, AZ – Latino on White – Murder/suicide, probably boyfriend

Nicholas Ledbetter, 42, Cincinnati, OH – Black on White – Robbery

August 2nd:

Paris Allen, 19, Duluth, MN – Black on White – Drive-by, unintended victim

Elaine Murray, 71, West Windsor Township, NJ – Black on White – Home Invasion

Philipp Kuhn, 46, Omaha, NE – Black on White – Appear to have been friends

Byron McBrine, 53, Glendale, AZ – Latino on Black – Perp was possibly selling drugs at the time

August 3rd:

Amber Jo Thomas, 40, Saline, MI – Latino on White – Ex-boyfriend

Nicholas Alistair Neaimi-Pour, 19, Irving, CA – White on Central Asian – Road Rage?

Jesus Sanchez, 45, Washington, DC – Black on Latino – Unknown relationship

Jose Fernando Rivera Garcia, 35, Nashville, TN – Black on Latino – Robbery, 2nd murder charge for suspect

Anthony D. Iannuzzo, 64, NYC, NY – Latino on White – roommates

August 4th:

Jordan Angel Lee Loveall, 21, Lafayette, IN – Latino on White – Lured into ambush with drug deal

Deacon Graham, 18, Piqua, OH – Black on White – Possible friend, unknown motive

Gracie Limas, 15, Gonzalez, LA – Black on White – Boyfriend

Jean Thomas Butchart, 26, Belleville, MI – Black on White – Perp was on a violent rampage

Martin Jaquez-Martinez, 20, San Antonio, TX – Black on Latino – Relationship unknown

August 5th:

Stacy Ramsey, 39, Sturgis, MI – Latino on White – Love triangle (double)

Jerry Longacre, 61, Sturgis, MI – Latino on White – Love triangle (double)

Rachel Morin, Hartford County, MD – Latino on White – Murdered on hiking trail

August 6th:

Kelvin Montoya, 20, Long Beach, CA – Black on Latino – Fight

Alyssa Leonard, 29, Phoenix, AZ – Black on Latino – Road Rage

Saria Barney Hildabrand, 21, Anchorage, AK – Black on White – Husband

Joshua Mickhail, 33, Toledo, OH – Black on White – Unknown motive, may have hit unintended bystander

James Hoffman, Jacksonville, FL – Black on White – Stabbed while defending woman

August 7th:

Christopher Vidalier, 32, Kaplan, LA – Black on White – Feud, possibly his girlfriend

Gregory Orork, 18, Austin, TX – Latino on White – Robbery

Abhishek Bharadwaj, 30, Atlanta, GA – Black on Central Asian – Home invasion, specifically targeted. Perps knew victim’s son.

August 8th:

Edgar Lopez Jr., 34, Covington, KY – Black on Latino – Relationship unknown

Ricardo De La Fuente, 19, San Antonio, TX – Black on Latino – Car sale ambush murder/robbery, Black victim also killed

August 10th:

Gregory Ray Dillon, 31, Dayton, OH – Black on White – Suspect was angry about a dog

August 11th:

Fay Ann Minier, 45, Laceyville, PA – Latino on White – Boyfriend, murder/suicide

John Shaunfield III, 24, Dallas, TX – East Asian on White – Intentionally murder/attempted suicide at gun range, motive unknown

August 12th:

Jesus Alain Galvan, 29, Chicago Heights, IL – Black on White – Shot by angry security guard as he was driving away from strip club

Cedric Spikes, 26, Fort Worth, TX – White on Black – Possible friends, unknown motive

Celina Lisa Rebholz, 32, Las Vegas, NV – Latino on White – Boyfriend

August 13th:

Ron Quadri, 23, San Antonio, TX – Latino on Black – Suspect accused victim of assaulting his daughter

August 14th:

Aubrie Croteau, 10, Springfield, MA – Black on White – Neighbor (double)

Kim Marie Fairbanks, 52, Springfield, MA – Black on White – Neighbor (double)

Elisa McLemore, 16, Laurel, MS – Black on White – Boyfriend

Jeffrey Leonard McKay, 39, Timberlake, NC – Black on White – perp killed victim after his son die din fatal car crash

Alejandro Arrellano-Fernandez, 43, Lewiston, TX – Black on Latino – Relationship unknown (double)

Lilia Fernandez Ortiz, 66, Lewiston, TX – Black on Latino – Relationship unknown (double)

Felicia Wilcots, 41, Sacramento, CA – Latino on Black – Relationship Unknown

Omar Hyman, 44, Mandeville, LA – White on Black – Wife

Andreas Probst, 64, Las Vegas, NV – Latino on White – Hate crime car ramming

August 15th:

Dayanna Hurtado, 24, Coral Springs, FL – White on Latino – Boyfriend

Michael Alex Toloai, 36, Long Beach, CA – Black on Latino – Relationship unknown

August 16th:

Charles Brooks Jr, 23, Vicksburg, MS – Black on White – Motive unknown

Kaylee Marie Smith, 21, Warsaw, VA – Black on White – Road Rage

Hannah Rachel Collins, 26, Los Angeles, CA – Latino on White – Relationship unknown

August 17th:

Horatio Rodriguez Harris, 37, Houston, TX – Black on Latino – Relationship unknow

Marillorky Tamayo Cruz, Las Vegas, NV – Black on Latino – Husband

Hallie Mae Sapp Robertson, 42, Oakland, MS – Black on White – Boyfriend

August 18th:

Isaac Love, 31, Homestead, PA – Black on White – Relationship Unknown

Darrell L. Benner, 57, Baltimore, MD – Black on White – Carjacking

Laura Ann Carleton, 66 – East Asian on White – Victim targeted over gay pride flag

August 19th:

Casandra Peña Romero, 27, Little Rock, AR – Latino on White – Husband

Ricky Bernal Jr, 21, Pleasanton, TX – Latino on White – Unknown motive, suspect is habitual criminal

August 20th:

Justin E. Krogen, 36, Pittsburg, KS – Black on White – Shot outside a bar after perp got angry

August 21st:

Stefan Volkmann, 41, Marion, TX – Black on White – Gas Station shooting, racially motivated

August 22nd:

Harry Nguyenhuy Doan, 25, Phoenix, AZ – Latino on East Asian – Killed by ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend

Avriel Hooks, 20, Lynchburg, VA – Black on White – Boyfriend/baby daddy

August 23rd:

Tierra Binion, 25, Pensacola, FL – Black on Latino – Perp got angry and murdered her outside a bar

Terry Edgar Ross, 18, Indianapolis, IN – Latino on White – Victim shot while looking for unlocked cars

James Anthony Ciccarelli, 62, Waterbury, CT – Black on White – Former employee, possible robbery

August 24th:

Snir Lalum, 44, Birmingham, AL – Black on White – Possible robbery

Alejandro Fajardo-Torres, Columbus, OH – Black on Latino – Armed robbery

Yohannes Tewolde, 60, San Francisco, CA – Latino on Black – Store clerk killed after catching suspect shoplifting

August 25th:

Adrian Villarreal, 36, Myrtle Beach, SC – White on Latino – Unknown

Seth Burns, 25, Independence, KY – Black on White – Ongoing dispute

August 26th:

Angela Michelle Carr, 52, Jacksonville, FL – White on Black – Hate crime spree shooting (triple)

Anolt Joseph Laguerre Jr., 19, Jacksonville, FL – White on Black – Hate crime spree shooting (triple)

Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion, 29, Jacksonville, FL – White on Black – Hate crime spree shooting (triple)

Deangelo Bailey, 33, Atmore, AL – White on Black – Motive unknown, appears to have been a neighbor

David Millette, 27, Raleigh, NC – Black on White – Attacked outside restaurant where he worked

Mitchel Dang, 25, Atlanta, GA – Black on East Asian – Random stabbing murder

August 27th:

Carson Liam Owens, 16, Okeechobee, FL – Latino on White – Fight at a party

August 28th:

Roland Alexander II, 84, Los Angeles, CA – Latino on White – Home invasion

Emily Lee-Anna Willis, 27, Indianapolis, IN – Black on White – Father says daughter hung around with dangerous people

John Paul Morin, 18, Fort worth, TX – Black on White – Home invasion

August 30th:

Brandon Tyler Welsh, 32, Sidney, OH – Black on White – Road Rage

Justin Do, 39, Indianapolis, IN – Black on East Asian – Security guard killing at Menard’s

Warren Crutcher, Chattanooga, TN – White on Black – Relationship unknown

August 31st:

Laura Jauregui, 64, Austin, TX – East Asian on White – Spree shooting at lounge

Genea Oliver, 35, Albuquerque, NM – White on American Indian – Triple killing

Dayton Willis, 16, Columbus, GA – Black on White – Relationship unknown


August Tally: 89

Black-on-White: 34
Black-on-Latino: 16
Black-on-Central Asian: 1
Black-on-East Asian: 2
Latino-on-White: 17
Latino-on-Black: 4
Latino-on-East Asian: 1
East Asian-on-White: 3
White-on-Black: 7
White-on-Latino: 2
White-on-Central Asian: 1
White-on-American Indian: 1

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