BLM arsonists get FREE PASS for torching Atlanta Wendy’s

Another free pass

Two suspects were set to go on trial next week for burning down a Wendy’s during the murderous nationwide George Floyd riots in 2020. A total of three people have been indicted for burning down the fast food joint. This includes Natalie White, John Wesley Wade, and Chisom Kingston.

However, Natalie White and Chison Kingston were just rescued by prosecutors and given sweetheart plea deals. They faced up to twenty years in prison and fines of up to $50k.

Instead, they will pay tiny $500 fines and do less than four weeks of community service. Consider that police offered a $10k reward for information on who burned down the Wendy’s back when it happened!

John Wesley Wade is already serving a five-year federal prison sentence for torching a mail truck during the BLM riots.

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