TyQaun General’s mother charged with assault

New bombshell

TyQaun General Jr, 14, is currently held in juvenile detention for the fatal stabbing of Delvin Ferrell, 15, inside Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. Click here to see our previous coverage.

National Conservative has been monitoring local chatter on Facebook, and we discovered that General’s mother, Cherelle McLaughlin, was arrested and charged with assault on November 28th. She bonded out the next day.

This assault charge is related to the fight occurring in front of McLaughlin’s house about a week before the stabbing. She maintains that a mob followed her daughter home from school. McLaughlin says that the mob assaulted her and her daughter.

Others alleged that McLaughlin’s daughter and another girl engaged in a mutually agreed upon fight. They alleged that McLaughlin intervened and assaulted a sixteen-year-old girl. Then TyQaun General Jr.’s grandmother allegedly waved a gun in the air.


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4 months ago

fathers must be proud of how their baby mamas raised their sons