NC House passes watered down version of anti-riot bill Cooper vetoed in 2021

House has veto proof majority this time

Governor Ray Cooper

The North Carolina House of Representatives passed an “anti-rioting bill,” Preventing Rioting and Civil Disorders, by 75-43. Enough votes to override a governor’s veto.

The media is portraying the bill as a tough new anti-rioting act being passed in response to deadly nationwide BLM rioting in 2020.

It is actually a slightly watered-down revision of an anti-rioting act that the North Carolina legislature already passed in August 2021. However, Governor Ray Cooper previously vetoed the bill at the request of far-left activists and Black racial militants.

House Bill 805, the bill’s first version, passed by the House 63-41 and the Senate 25-19. This bill increased criminal penalties for crimes committed during a riot.

Among those crimes is willful inciting a riot. In North Carolina, willful incitement is normally a class 1 misdemeanor. Bill 805 made it a potential Class E felony if damages totaled $1,500 or more or if there was bodily injury.

The new House Bill 40 is nearly the same bill. However, it changes the willful incitement part so that the $2,500 in property damage is required instead of $1,500. This was part of the bill most opposed by the far left.

While many states have laws against willful incitement of a riot, barely anyone is prosecuted.

House Bill 40 was passed by all Republicans and six Democrats.

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