Portland Antifa smashes up church that was hosting “pro-queer and anti-racist” groups

Claims all windows are legitimate targets, even if the owners are allies

Here is Antifa logic at its worst:

Meet Josh Craig Blount, a high-profile Portland Antifa. He has been arrested and charged with misdemeanors at least twice. However, it is unclear if he has ever been prosecuted for anything. Multnomah County District Attorney [MCDA] Mike Schmid refuses to prosecute over 90% of charges pressed against Antifa and BLM “activists.”

On Monday, Blount publicly declared on Twitter that all “property owners” are legitimate targets of Antifa. Blount specifically advocated smashing people’s windows as a way to protest the police. Twitter has taken no action against Blount for this wild incitement of violence and criminality.

Just three days earlier, Blount publicly disclosed that his own people smashed up the windows of a church that he has personally benefitted from.

Portland Antifa has targeted several churches for vandalism recently. Antifa views churches as “historical oppressors.” Among the churches to be vandalized is the First Christian Church of Christ.

According to Blount, the church allows “pro-queer and anti-racists” groups to hold meetings inside the church. He says the church is in his neighborhood and has personally attended left-wing meetings there.

Blount also indicates that he has personally received free food from the church. As recently as today, he has stated that he is unemployed on Twitter.

He says that for Christians, “these people are some of the good ones.” Despite all of this, Blount publicly defends smashing the church’s windows and says that the church should release a statement of solidarity with the Antifa vandals.

Blount does complain that the Multnomah County Sheriff is a church member and that the church contributes to “climate change” but owning an underground parking garage.

Blount seems unconcerned that since the church suffered thousands of dollars worth of damages, it will have less money to give him free food.

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