Blue-checkmark “journalist” publicly brags on Twitter about involvement in conspiracy to commit assault. Platform takes no action.

This is Twitter approved violence

Rocco Castoro is a former Vice News reporter and currently claims to work for Collider Studios and Tim Pool’s SCNR.

Castoro has Twitter’s Blue Checkmark seal of approval. The blue checkmark originally meant Twitter had confirmed the person’s identity. However, Twitter has morphed this into a semi-official seal of approval by taking away blue checkmarks from people with viewpoints that the platform opposes.

On July 17th, Castoro publicly boasted about conspiring with others to plan acts of violence against the Los Angeles Proud Boys leader.

While people have complained to Twitter about the violent criminal post, the platform took no action. Castoro reposted the same tweet on July 20th to boast that he could get away with it.

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