One year old baby beaten to death in El Paso over damaged futon

Suspect charged with capital murder

On April 13th, a one-year-old Ahren Joshua DeHart was brought to the El Paso Children’s Medical Center with a skull fracture, hemorrhaging of the brain, hemorrhaging of the lung, and was covered in bruises. Doctors say the injuries were “acute and non-accidental.” The baby remained on life support until he died on April 16th.

Marvin Rex Lake, 24, has been arrested and charged with capital murder. He has been denied bond.

The mother of the baby is a newlywed who works in healthcare. Her husband, the father of the father, is stationed at Fort Bliss. The mother works with a woman that knew the suspect. The two women went to work together and placed both of their children into Lake’s care. The other woman has an infant and a toddler.

Ahren’s regular babysit had called and said she was sick. Using Lake was a last-minute solution. The two women found Ahren barely alive when they returned home from work around midnight. They called 911.

When police initially questioned Lake, he denied any role in the baby’s death and told the investigator he wanted the woman to reimburse him for a damaged futon.

After days of questioning, Lake went from denying all responsibility to claiming the baby fell from his arms while doing “several wrestling-style moves.” After that, he confessed to becoming angry and holding the baby’s head like a football. He told police, “I did not hurt his head. I only caused the internal injuries.”

Lake had beaten the baby at least an hour earlier, but Lake made no effort to get medical help. Police say the other two children also showed signs of injuries.



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3 years ago

Yeah, but the suspect has already been arrested because of white privilege. The evil cop that saved a girl’s life in Ohio hasn’t been arrested yet. Therefore Muh’khia is the real innocent baby we should all be concerned with.

Rusty Nuts
3 years ago

The other commentor is an inept fool

Minnesota Viking
3 years ago
Reply to  Rusty Nuts

I think he meant that as parody. I realize that the left has become so crazy that it is now difficult to tell between parody and real statements.