At least 88 Mexican politicians murdered so far this election cycle.

This is what Mexican democracy looks like

Alma Barragán became the 88th Mexican politician to be murdered during the current election cycle. Most have been killed with gunshot wounds. Most have been murdered since February. However, the killings began last September at the very start of the campaign season. Elections will be held Sunday, June 6th. The Mexican people will elect a new Chamber of Deputies. Half of the Mexican states will have gubernatorial elections, and 1,900 municipalities will elect new leaders.

The victims are a mix of both candidates and sitting officials. Hundreds of candidates have dropped out of races for fear of being murdered. At least sixty mayoral candidates have dropped out.

Alma Barragán was running for mayor of Moroleón, Guanajuato. She was murdered at a campaign event immediately after making this Facebook video.

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