Thug accused of randomly killing a tourist in Charleston area while out on bond

Suspect identified by his gold teeth

Police are calling it a random act of violence by a stranger.

Michael Britt was sitting on a bench outside a Hampton Inn with another man in Summerville, SC, on October 26th. Police say Michael Terrell Profit, 32, briefly ran into the lobby. Then came back out and shot Britt.

Profit yelled something like, “stop watching me.” Police identified Profit as the suspect because the witness described his gold teeth.

Britt is from Fountain Inn, California, and was in South Carolina for a business trip.

Profit has an arrested record going back to 2011 and was out on bond and the time of the murder. He is being held at the Hill-Finklea Detention Center.

Less than two weeks later, another Black on White killing occurred right outside the Summerville city limits.

Zachary Campbell, 30, was murdered in front of his home. Police arrested Michael Anthony Pressley II, 29. They called it “Road Rage” and said Pressley followed the victim home.

Pressley is currently in custody at the Dorchester County Detention Center. He has only been charged with voluntary manslaughter, which carries a minimum sentence of two years. Members of the public are asking why he is not being charged with pre-mediated murder since he followed the suspect and had time to think about it.

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4 months ago

That’s not a picture of Michael Britt above. RIP Mike 🙏

2 months ago
Reply to  Admin

Mike Britt was from Fountain Valley. Not fountain inn. This entire article is so bad it’s offensive.

RIP the REAL Mike Britt: