Artist behind Baltimore’s famous “No Shoot Zone” graffiti was shot

Homicide rate continues to rise in Baltimore

Tyree Moorehead says he shot multiple people between the age of 13 and 15. He was giving an attempted murder plea deal and released after eleven years. Now he is famous for vandalizing buildings with graffiti that says “No Shoot Zone.” He has been celebrated in the local media.

Earlier this month, he was shot in the neck.

New segment from 2019:

In 2021, Baltimore had its highest homicide rate in the history of the city. The city is on track to have an even higher homicide rate in 2022.

Baltimore, MD:

1977: 171 (826k, 20.7 per 100k)
1993: 353 (732k, 48.2 per 100k) former record for highest number and the highest rate
2011: 196 (630k, 31.1 per 100k) 18 year low for both total number and rate
2015: 334 (622k, 53.7 per 100k) new all time highest rate (year of major BLM riot)
2016: 318 (621k, 51.2 per 100k)
2017: 343 (620k, 55.3 per 100k)
2018: 309 (615k, 50.2 per 100k)
2019: 348 (609k, 57.1 per 100k) new all time highest rate
2020: 335 (586k, 57.2 per 100k) new all time highest rate

2021: 337 (584k, 57.7 per 100k) new all time highest rate

Baltimore also had 726 non-fatal shootings in 2021.

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