Canadian rapper, previously charged with attempted murder, charged with killing two women

Violent crime is surging because no one is being held accountable for their actions.

Last January, Fort Erie, Toronto, was rocked by the double murder of two young women. It took place inside an Airbnb rental during a birthday party. 

Initially, no one who attended the party cooperated with the police. Authorities had to offer a $100k reward to get a break in the case.

At long last, Canadian law enforcement has arrested Christopher Lucas, 22, an aspiring rapper called “El Plaga.” He has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Another unnamed woman, aged 29, has been charged with being an accessory after the fact.

El Plaga has a significant criminal record. He was charged with attempted murder at age 17. At age 18, he was involved in an attack inside a detention facility that sent two corrections officers to the hospital with serious injuries.

The victims are Juliana Pannunzio, 20, Christine Crooks, 18.

If El Plaga was held accountable for his past crimes. He would have still been in prison and unable to commit double homicide.

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