$25k reward for info about Antifa-linked arson attack on Portland bank

Antifa websites are claiming responsibility for the attack on Bank of America

The Portland Police Bureau has determined that a New Year’s Eve fire at the Bank of America on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard was arson. A huge reward of $25k has been offered for information on the suspect.

Two alarm companies battled the fire for an hour before it was extinguished.

Multiple Antifa websites published an allege statement of responsibility from the arsonist:

Last night I broke into a Bank of America in Portland, Oregon and started a large fire. According to news reports, the fire grew quickly and took firefighters more than an hour to extinguish.

I attack for revenge against capital for the hell it creates, to break the illusion of police control that usually protects it, and just because I can.

Bank of America funds the Atlanta Police Foundation and a thousand other projects of control. Earlier that day, the six friends in Atlanta charged with “domestic terrorism” were released from jail. May this fire bring them some warmth in winter.

Long live anarchy!

The alleged arsonist says the attack was retaliation for the arrests of Antifa at the “Cop City” Antifa squatter camp near Atlanta. Six people connected to Antifa have now been charged with domestic terrorism for a string of arson and other criminal activities near the site.

The statement was published by Abolition Media and Scenes from the Atlanta Forrest, both hosted by the international Antifa web host noblogs.

The Twitter account for Abolitionist Media previously claimed that Antifa was responsible for vandalizing the corporate office of Adidas in Portland two months ago. They said it was retaliation for the company’s sponsorship of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. An estimated nine people broke fifty windows and glass doors.

The Abolition Media Twitter account was suspended for promoting violence this week.

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