GBI raids Antifa squatter camp, five charged with domestic terrorism

Criminal activity got to blatant to ignore

All five have been charged with domestic terrorism and other charges.

On December 14th, The Georgia Bureau of Investigation [GBI] raided the Antifa “autonomous zone” near Atlanta. This is an Antifa squatter camp in the woods. It was erected months ago to protest the construction of the proposed Atlanta Public Safety Training Center in DeKalb County.

The GBI reports that there have been numerous previous arrests at the site. Criminal activity from the site has included carjacking, various crimes against persons, destruction of property, arson, and attacks against public safety officials.

On December 13th, “several people threw rocks at police cars and attacked EMTs outside the neighboring fire stations with rocks and bottles,” according to the GBI. At this point, law enforcement officials could no longer turn a blind eye.

The GBI reports that the site is full of makeshift treehouses, and the perps had “explosive devices.” Five people, four from out of state, were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism.

Five people have been given domestic terrorism charges:

Francis Carroll, age 22, of Maine

Criminal Trespass, Domestic Terrorism, Aggravated Assault, Felony Obstruction, Interference with Government Property, Possession of Tools for the Commission of the Crime

Nicholas Olson, age 25, of Nebraska

Domestic Terrorism, Aggravated Assault, Interference with Government Property, Obstruction

Serena Hertel, age 25, of California

Criminal Trespass, Domestic Terrorism, Aggravated Assault, Obstruction, Inciting a Riot

Leonardo Vioselle, age 20, of Macon, GA

Criminal Trespass, Domestic Terrorism, Possession for Tools of the Crime

Arieon Robinson, age 22, of Wisconsin

Criminal Trespass, Obstruction, Domestic Terrorism

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more of the same
1 year ago

Anti-White screamers and thugs can always depend on the “mainstream” media to whitewash their “protesting” and present the police as the “bad guys”.