Five shot, one killed while filming rap music video

Another rap music mass shooting

Rochester, New York, experienced a mass shooting on December 13th. Five people were shot, and Jakeem Douglas, 24, was killed. Only the age and gender of the other gunshot victims have been released. They are all males aged 19, 20, 22, and 30. All victims are said to be residents of Rochester.

A house on Illinois Street was rented through Airbnb to film a rap music video. The music video was supposed to be in honor of another murder victim.

Between twenty and thirty people were inside the house when the shooting started. Police say multiple guns fired twenty gunshots. Numerous people were seen running away from the house after the shooting.

Police have released no details on a suspect. Douglas was Rochester’s 76th homicide for 2022.

Mass shootings connected to rap music have been a significant re-occurring phenomenon.

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