WA Bill legalizes harboring runaway minors for transsexual disfigurement

Sponsors include five committee chairmen

Washington Senate Bill 5599 amends the law on harboring runaway minors. Currently, any person, homeless shelter, homeless youth program, or host home has strict reporting requirements if they offer shelter to a runaway minor. They must promptly notify either the parents, law enforcement in the jurisdiction of the minor’s lawful residence, or the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families. However, the reporting requirements change if there are “compelling reasons” defined as “circumstances that indicate that notifying the parent or legal guardian will subject the minor to abuse or neglect.”

Senate Bill 5599 adds, “When a minor is seeking or receiving protected health care services,” to the compelling reasons.

Protected health care services are defined as “gender-affirming treatment and reproductive health care services that are lawful in the state of Washington.” The state of Washington already legalized minors to consent to “gender-affirming” treatments without parental consent. Those aged 13 and older can consent by themselves. Those under 13 can still get puberty blockers and hormone treatments without parental consent if their “medical provider” approves the drugs.

A transsexual activist could legally take your child away and facilitate life-altering and permanently disfiguring “medical treatments.” The child’s location would be concealed from parents. The bill provides no limit to how long the child’s location can be concealed from parents.

Seven members of the Washington State Senate are sponsoring this bill, including five of the Senate committee chairmen.

Sponsors: (Click here for contact info on each WA State Senator)

Marko Liias
Claire Wilson, Human Services Chairman
Manka Dhingra, Law & Justice Chairman
Liz Lovelett, Local Government, Land Use & Tribal Affairs Chairman
Joe Nguyen, Environmental, Energy, and Technology Chairman
Emily Randall, Higher Education & Workforce Development Chairman

While the number of sponsors is currently only six individual people, it is sponsored by one-third of the committee chairmen. This indicates it has major support among the ruling party. Democrats have a 29 to 20 majority in the State Senate and a 57 to 40 majority in the House.

The bill is included on the agenda of the February 14th executive session of the Committee on Human Services.

Previously, a group of people spoke out about the bill at a public hearing on February 6th.

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