Did “queerphobes” ruin Green Lantern reboot?

Green Lantern or Cringe Lantern?

DC Comics launched a six-issue re-boot of The Green Lantern, in which the character is a homosexual. According to reviews, the comic takes place in the 1940s. Green Lantern is a compromised closeted homosexual whom J. Edgar Hoover is blackmailing. He also struggles with mental illness.

Before the 10/24/23 release date for issue one, author Tim Sheridan pleaded with LGBTQIA+ people and “allies” to fight against the “queerphobes” by going out and buying the comic. They even made four versions of the cover to entice hardcore collectors into purchasing multiple copies. Sheridan even said he would donate all his royalties to the Elton John AIDS Foundation to fight the “stigma” of having HIV/AIDS.

According to ICV2, which tracks comic book sales, issue one did not make the top 50 in October sales. Amazon ranks issues one and two as 62nd and 67th in current comic book sales.

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