How National Conservative is influencing the media

Making a difference!

Twice in the past two days, content created by National Conservative has been copied off our Twitter feed and used by commercial media.

On Monday, a Black male randomly stabbed four White females as they were leaving the Lambright Sports & Wellness Center at Louisiana Tech University. One victim, Annie Richardson, has died of her wounds.

At first, the attack was becoming a major news story. Then, a local Rushton, LA newspaper named all four victims Monday evening. After that, many media outlets seemed to drop it like a hot potato. While some media outlets published follow-up stories Tuesday, it was half-hearted. Most omitted the names of the victims, and none posted any pictures.

Photos of all four victims were easy for us to find online. Any commercial media outlet could have found and published them if they wanted. After finding the photos, National Conservative made a collage that was posted on Twitter.

The first “mainstream” media outlet to show any picture of the victims that we can find is KLAX ABC 31 in Louisiana. They posted our collage on their Facebook page. Currently, this is not published on their website. They only posted it on Facebook two hours ago, so we will see what happens later. Had it not been for the work of National Conservative to find the pictures and make the collage, they would unlikely have posted anything.

This is the original copy of the image we posted on Twitter:

Yesterday, the original content we made for Twitter was copied by Daily Mail.

We took both of the cellphone videos of the brutal mob beating murder of Jonathan Lewis and synchronized them into one video.

Daily Mail published multiple screen captures of our synchronized video as illustrations.

Daily Mail illustrations, which are screen captures made using our synchronized video.

Here is the original synchronized video we made and posted on Twitter:


While these things may seem minor, it demonstrates that National Conservative is reaching people in the commercial media and having an influence.

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