LVMPD: Jonathan Lewis was lured into the alley before being attacked

It was an ambush

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department [LVMPD] has announced the arrest of eight suspects aged 13-17. They are being charged with murder. Two other suspects have not yet been identified.

Nine search warrants were executed to acquire evidence. The LVMPD says they will release photos of two more suspects they are still trying to identify.

The press conference cleared up many questions the public has had for days. The school is in North Las Vegas. It was unclear if the LVMPD, the North Las Vegas Police Department [NLVPD], or the Clark County School District Police Department [CCSDSP] were handling the case.

The High School is located in North Las Vegas. However, the savage murder took place in an alley that is inside the Las Vegas city limits.

Another big question the public wanted to know was if the perps would be charged with murder. They are, however, now it remains to be seen if any are actually prosecuted for murder. 

Police say the attackers had been systematically robbing people of items. As a result, Jonathan Lewis agreed to a one-on-one fight with one of the suspects. However, it was an ambush. Instead of fighting one person, a large group of Black males immediately all jumped him. After he was knocked down, they continued to stomp on him while he was on the ground.

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