Four Portland Antifa have died violently in the past two years. Now another has committed suicide.

The Antifa scene in full of death

Four people involved with the Portland Antifa scene have died violently in the past two years. Now another person has taken their own life. Jacob Camello, a transsexual Antifa member, posted a suicide note on Twitter. Other Antifa are confirming that Camello did in fact kill himself.

Camello allegedly did online gonzo porn under the pseudonym Andrea Mun and is also known as “lilspoon” in Antifa circles.

In the past two years, three people connected to the Portland Antifa scene have been violently murdered.

Sean Kealiher, a high-profile Antifa member, was intentionally crushed to death with a car outside of an Antifa hangout. The perpetrators may be rival Antifa. The murder is unsolved because no one will cooperate with the police.

Isaiah Jason Maza, Jr., who was arrested at an Antifa riot, was found stabbed to death near a homeless encampment. The murder is unsolved.

Joseph Robert Sipe, who was arrested at an Antifa riot, was stabbed to death by Aaron David Christopher, a forty-year-old black male who is a career criminal.

Michael Forest Reinoehl, a high-profile Antifa member, stalked and murdered conservative activist Aaron Danielson in Portland in 2020. Reinoehl then fled the city and later died in a shootout with Federal law enforcement in Lacey, WA. Recently, Portland Antifa opened fire on another victim blocks from where Danielson was murdered.

Two other Antifa in the Pacific Northwest were killed after they pulled guns on police. Both incidents took place in 2019.

Charles Landeros, a member of an Antifa militia called Community Armed Self-Defense (AKA Red Army), died after taking a gun to a public school and pulling it on a police officer in Eugene, Oregon.

Willem Van Spronsen, a member of the Antifa militia John Brown Gun Club, died in a shootout with police in Tacoma, WA.

Recently, Antifa shot and wounded a conservative activist in Olympia, Washington.

Rival left-wing organizations blame Antifa for the murder of Antonio Mays, Jr., an unarmed 16-year-old black male, which occurred inside the “BLM autonomous protest zone” (AKA CHAZ) in Seattle in 2020. Another fourteen-year-old black male was seriously wounded. High-profile Antifa member Daniel Baker admitted to being at the scene of the murder and bragged on Youtube about refusing to cooperate with the police. Baker is currently in prison for federal terrorism charges but has not been charged with any crimes related to the murder of Mays.

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