For the 3rd time in 20 months, a violent leftist in Portland has become the victim of a grisly homicide

Portland's left-wing extremists are living very violent lives

Left: Joseph Sipe; Right: Aaron Christopher

In only twenty months, three of Portland’s left-wing activists, who were known to have engaged in criminal violence, died in gruesome homicides. Two were stabbed to death, and one was crushed to death. These deaths underscore the violent lifestyles of Portland’s left-wing activist community. Portland has also experienced record-breaking homicides during this same period.

On May 25, Portland police found a man stabbed to death in a transient camp. A suspect was quickly apprehended. Aaron David Christopher, a 40-year-old Black male, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and abuse of a corpse. Christopher had 17 previous felony convictions and was a registered sex offender. Christopher was caught “red-handed” with the bloody knife still in his possession.

The identity of the victim was not released until Friday, July 30. Joseph Robert Sipe, a 24-year-old White male, was the person killed. Sipe was known to the police because he was charged with throwing a Molotov cocktail at law enforcement during a BLM/Antifa riot on September 23, 2020. After being arrested, Sipe never showed up for his first court date. A warrant had been issued for his arrest for failure to appear.

Previous homicide victims:

On Sunday, January 31, Isaiah Jason Maza, Jr., an 18-year-old White male, was found stabbed to death on the 100 block of Northeast 120th Avenue.

Maza was currently facing up to thirty years in prison for charges related to an Antifa/BLM riot on July 22, 2020. According to a criminal complaint from the Oregon State Attorney’s Office, Maza was one of several men who tore down a piece of plywood covering a window at the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

Afterward, Maza was seen smashing the glass with a hammer and lighting the fuse of a homemade bomb and hurling through the window. Maza allegedly placed the bomb inside the courthouse, where it injured a deputy marshall.

Maza was charged with assaulting a federal officer with a dangerous weapon and willfully damaging government property. He faced up to thirty years in prison. On July 31, 2020, he was spotted on the street by US Marshalls and arrested after a foot pursuit. On August 3, an order of detention was signed by a judge. The detention order says that Maza had a prior criminal history, was a violent person, and was a flight risk.

However, it appears he was granted bail later on August 20 and freed at some point. This homicide is unsolved.

On October 12, 2019, a violent street battle occurred outside of a notorious and now-shuttered Antifa hangout called Cider Riot. Sean Kealiher, a 19-year-old White male, was leaving Cider Riot with friends. At some point, Kealiher is pinned between an SUV and the Democratic Party of Oregon [DPO] State Headquarters. According to Google Maps, Cider Riot and the state headquarters were .1 miles apart.

Men exit and abandon the SUV, which had fresh bullet holes. Kelliher is drug away by friends and eventually dumped at a local hospital. No one calls the police except for a homeless man who happened to be a witness. Prominent Antifa-linked Twitter accounts warn people not to talk to any law enforcement or post rumors online. Police put a $2.5k reward for information. Eventually, a lawyer for one of Kealiher’s friends told the media that his client fired shots into the SUV but maintains it was self-defense. To this day, the homicide is unsolved. Cider Riot shut down one year later, though the owner claims the bar’s reputation as “The Antifa Pub” had nothing to do with shutting down.

Kealiher was a high-profile Antifa affiliate and once spent fifteen days in jail for interfering with a police officer. At least two videos exist showing him threatening individuals with violence.

Shortly after his death became known, Antifa began spray painting the DPO State Headquarters. This continued for at least 36 hours until Sean Kealiher’s mother personally pleaded with Antifa to stop vandalizing the building.

Of course, there was also the self-described Antifa member who killed a man execution-style and then died in a shootout with US Marshalls on August 29, 2020.

Antifa violently rioted in Portland that day to prevent a group of people from holding a demonstration supporting Donald Trump. Conservative activist Aaron Danielson was shot and killed execution-style by self-described Antifa member Michael Reinoehl. Video shows Reinoehl, with a group of others, stalk and surround Danielson. Reinoehl then murders him, and the rest of the group helps him escape.

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