Surveillance video released showing the Antifa gunman shooting conservative activist “Tiny” Toese in Olympia, WA

Antifa has deployed lethal violence against innocent victims three times in recent weeks

On September 4th, Antifa rioted in Olympia, WA. One of the rioters, dressed in black Antifa-style gear, steps away from the rest of his group and aims a handgun. He fires five rounds at conservative activist Tusitala “Tiny” Toese. The victim, who is Samoan, was shot in the leg.

Antifa had previously made public death threats against Toese. The Antifa gunman appears to be an amateur shooter and holds the gun like a Hollywood actor or rap star rather than an experienced gun user.

After the shooting, Antifa conducted an organized disinformation campaign. Hundreds of Antifa social media accounts posted false claims that Toese had shot himself by accident. The Olympia police department released a statement saying, “We can confirm that the shots were fired by someone from the Antifa group.”

This is the third person who Antifa nearly killed in a matter of weeks. On August 14th, Antifa member Eric Cohen allegedly stabbed a Latino victim in the chest. The victim, who nearly died, suffered a lacerated heart and a punctured lung. Cohen was arrested and charged with attempted murder. However, the LA DA’s office, run by progressive activist George Gascón, reduced the charges to assault. Cohen has already been released on bond.

On August 22nd, Antifa rioted in Portland, Oregon, and one black-clad Antifa fired a volley of shots at 65-year-old Dennis Anderson.

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