Juneteenth festival turns into a violent riot in Long Branch, NJ

Riot police were deployed within the first 90 minutes

A Juneteenth festival on Long Branch, New Jersey’s Pier Village turned into a violent riot yesterday. The event started at 5:00 PM. Within 90 minutes, riot police had to be deployed. Video clips on social media show large mob battles and assaults. One video appears to show a White teenage girl being beaten while the crowd cheers. Some people took refuge inside local shops and say they found themselves trapped.

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2 years ago

Who could have predicted this outcome?

Reply to  Black-Raven

The truth-aware “racists”, of course!

Todd Mueller
2 years ago

Democratic policies have turned America into a Dump. We are now an embarrassment to the world. Thanks, Democrats. What Joe Biden is doing is predictable, those who voted for him are stupid. You get what you wanted.