Antifa violence against other left-wing protesters is becoming common

Antifa attacks other leftists who do not follow their rules

For years, Antifa members would howl about “diversity of tactics” when other leftists objected to their actions. However, now that Antifa is a dominant force in left-wing protests, they are increasingly using violence to enforce their own rules on other leftists.

The latest incident to be captured on camera occurred at the Antifa riot in Denver. Antifa engaged in violence outside a hotel where the Centennial Institute’s Western Conservative Conference was taking place.

A man showed up with anti-police signs and a tripod for his cellphone. The same scenario played out that has occurred in the Pacific Northwest. Antifa told him that videotaping was against their rules and then an Antifa thug punched him in the face and tried to rob him of his cellphone.

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Alex daHann
2 years ago

Fucking retarded leftists. They’re going to find out what violence is, not this sissy leftist sucker punching!