BLM blocks a busy Minneapolis street in the middle of night, causing the death of another rioter

Media blames everyone but the criminal rioters

The Star-Tribune depicted the crash as taking place in broad daylight. The paper knows that most people only look at the headline and the picture and will not actually read the article.

Update: Police say the driver is a habitual drunk driver with a long history of DUI convictions. He was convicted of a felony DUI twice, but the judges stayed the sentence both times and he was spared jail time.

Since the beginning of the George Floyd riots, hundreds of people have been injured due to BLM & Antifa illegally blocking roads. Often, they do not just block the road. They vandalize cars, assault drivers, and even shoot people. Among those killed is Secoriea Turner, an eight-year-old Black female. She was slaughtered when multiple Black male BLM rioters opened fire on her parent’s vehicle in Atlanta. The gunman who fired the deadly bullet has still not been brought to justice, and other BLM witnesses have refused to cooperate with the police.

Rioters in Minneapolis illegally blocked a busy city street last night around 11:40 PM. A 31-year-old female parked her car sideways in the dark street. An SUV hit the car, and the female was killed. She was a single mother with two children. At least two other people were injured from the car being propelled by the SUV. The mob then beat the driver.

The media is aggressively blaming the driver, as usual, and ignoring the criminal violence of the rioters. NBC National News even ran a story claiming the rioters were just playing a late-night “game of volleyball,” The Minneapolis Star-Tribune deceptively published an unrelated photograph to make people think the crash took place in the middle of the day.

Some media outlets have insinuated that the driver intentionally tried to hit the rioters, even though police made a statement downplaying this possibility. Police say the driver denies any intent and that they have not determined if they believe there was any intent at this stage in their investigation. The police also say the driver may have been intoxicated at the time and had a delayed response time.

Many media outlets push the narrative that drivers are supposed to anticipate illegal roadblocks in the middle of the night and politely cooperate with criminals who are likely to vandalize their vehicle, assault, or even murder them. We are supposed to believe the rioters themselves play no part in the scores of crashes that have occurred all over America during these riots.

In theory, the other rioters could face negligent homicide charges for their role in the woman’s death. However, this is highly unlikely to happen given that Minneapolis treats the rioters with kid gloves.

This is the second person who has died in Minneapolis this year during BLM/Antifa rioting. A Black male in charge of “security” at the BLM “autonomous protest zone” was shot and killed by another Black male last March. Since the beginning of the “George Floyd” riots, eight people have died during rioting in the city.

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