Mass Shooting at Antifa linked punk concert in Minneapolis

Police looking for two Latinos

August Golden died at the scene.

Photo: The photo above is from the location of the mass shooting, but taken on July 9th, 2023. It shows a different band.

Seven people were shot, and one was killed during a “punk rock concert” at a residential house in Minneapolis. The residents call it “Nudieland” and have been hosting punk rock concerts in their garage and backyard since at least 2021.

The shooting took place late Friday night. By Saturday evening, prominent Antifa leaders, such as Daryle Lamont Jenkem and Kim Kelly, were asking for people to donate money to the victims.

Three local bands played at the house, including Rubberman, Texture Freq, and Miracle Debt. All three of these bands recently performed at a benefit show to raise money for the Antifa charged with domestic terrorism in Atlanta. The concert also featured A-Truth from New York City. This band describes itself as “antifascist and anarchist.”

Initially, left-wing and pro-Antifa Twitter accounts blamed the shooting on “guns.” By Sunday, this morphed into claims that the shooting was a “hate crime” targeting the “queer & trans community.” Minneapolis FOX9 also described the victims as supporters of “LGBTQ and anti-racism.”

All three of the bands were part of an Antifa benefit show last March.

The fatality has been identified as Nick Trevor Golden, 35, more commonly known as August Golden. His friends say he went by August to honor German-born August Spies, a militant Socialist leader. Spies was hung for his role in the murder of seven police officers in Chicago that occurred in 1886.

All local Minneapolis media, as well as all Antifa and other left-wing activists, have censored the descriptions of the perps. There is a deliberate effort to omit their race. They demonstrate that political correctness and pursuing their political narratives are more critical than apprehending at-large mass shooters.

The suspects were described as two Hispanic males around 19, one wearing black track pants and a black hoodie. The other suspect wore a red hoodie, black track pants, and a black facemask. Both had handguns with flashlights. The perps came down the alley behind the house and opened fire on people in the backyard. They are still at large. There have been no arrests.

The holding of punk rock concerts inside a residential neighborhood is something Antifa members have done in the US since at least the 90s. In Europe, the practice is even older.

July 9th video from the same location:

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11 months ago

Seems like a lot of white-hating militants are killed by people who are not White

11 months ago

These clowns are on Twitter telling everyone to say it was a targeted attack on “queer & trans” by “men”

10 months ago

Would this be happening in a country of our own? I wonder…

Roger V. Tranfaglia
10 months ago

Soo…The murder was by TRUMP SUPPORTERS?
I doubt it.

10 months ago

Proud to say I’ve hated punk rock since childhood