Disgraced Minneapolis diversity director cries “racism!”

Second diversity director in a row to denounce city council

Minneapolis has a Department of Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, costing taxpayers $1.2 million annually. Of this, over $700k is for salaries and wages. This is a way to fund radical Black racial activism using public money.

However, Director Tyeastia Green, who was forced out recently, took things too far. She cost Minneapolis over a half million for a Black pride expo that almost no one attended! Minneapolis used money from federal Covid-19 relief and its emergency contingency fund to cover the costs of Green’s catastrophic failure.

Now she published a fourteen-page memo alleging that some city council members are racist and created a toxic work environment. She even claims two Black city council members are “anti-Black racists.” This includes City Council President Andrea Jenkins, a transsexual Black male, and Council Member LaTrisha Vetaw.

“What I have experienced here is, in fact, antiblack racism and that some of that racism was done at the hands of other Black people in the enterprise.

Minneapolis holds, matures, coddles, perpetuates, and massages a racist anti-black work culture.” – Tyeastia Green

Jenkins fired back stating “”I am not anti-Black, but I am anti-incompetent.”

Green is the second director of the Minneapolis has a Department of Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging to denounce the city government as toxic and racist. Her predecessor Joy March, a transsexual Black male, did the same thing! When Marsh was offered a new job as the Diversity director of Ucare, a non-profit health insurance company, he quite his city job and denounced everyone.

“There were no signs in the interview process to warn me of the amount of gaslighting, marginalization  and tokenism I would experience or the toll it would all take on my mental and emotional health. I could not have planned for the professional cost these actions would take on my self-confidence, or the weight of the doubt I would experience.

The culture is toxic and city leadership can either honor the voices of the oppressed and do something to change it. Or you can continue to operate with benign neglect treating BIPOC staff as interchangeable cogs that can be replaced with those who may be more accommodating, when the last crew, weary of the toll of the harm, chooses to leave.” – Joy Marsh

Minneapolis City Council. Possibly one of the most left-wing city council’s of any large city in the USA.

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