Monster who paralyzed woman thinks he will get as little as probation

Angry that his victim is getting money from GoFundMe

Joseph Harrell is only 17 and already a vicious monster with a wildly inflated sense of entitlement.

He is currently at the Harris County Jail for criminal charges occurring on three different days in January and February of this year. However, District Judge Kristin Guiney slashed his bond, and he could return to the streets soon. He would be required to wear an ankle monitor, but in many big cities, these ankle monitors are not enforced, and suspects continue committing crimes while wearing them.

Harrell was first arrested in January and charged with having an unlawful weapon. This was a class A misdemeanor. Judge David L. Singer granted him a General Order bond of $100. A general order bond in Texas is a special type of bond for people who are not eligible for a PR bond.

The odd thing is that Singer was not supposed to be a Judge anymore after losing his 2022 re-election bid. After serving only one term, he was defeated in the Democratic Party Primary by Je’Rell Rogers. This man went on to lose against Republican candidate Jessica Padilla.

Singer’s term ended in December 2022. However, at the same time, the Harris County Commissioners created a new unelected associate judge position under the pretense that this person would work on the backlog of “misdemeanor domestic violence cases.” They appointed Singer as this new associate judge.

Even though Harrell’s case was assigned to an elected Judge, it is Singer’s name on the court papers freeing Harrel from custody. 

On the morning of February 13, Nung Truong, 44, withdrew $4,300 from a bank ATM. Joseph Harrell, 17, and Zy’Nika Ayesha Woods, 19, allegedly followed Truong for twenty-four miles.

After Truong arrived at her Chinatown apartment complex, she was viciously attacked and robbed. She suffered broken ribs and a fractured spine. She is currently paralyzed and is never expected to regain the full function of her limbs. The attack was captured on video.

Harrell was arrested after allegedly committing a second attack on February 25 and taking a woman’s purse. The purse contained an Apple Airpod that was used to catch him and another accomplice.

Harrell was initially held on a $200k bond for attacking Truong. This is already a very low bond for nearly killing a woman and leaving her permanently debilitated. However, first-term Republican District Judge Kristin Guiney slashed this bond in half! His combined bond for all the crimes he was charged with during a two-month period is $130k.

His family, or an anti-incarceration non-profit, could spring him from jail by putting up as little as $13,000.

Meanwhile, a local ABC station obtained recordings of some of his jailhouse calls. He calls his Truong a “bitch” repeatedly and complains that she is getting donations from GoFundMe. He freely admits to attacking her. He also mocks the idea that he will get serious prison time and suggests he could get off with as little as probation.

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