Feds charge 8 Black males with targeting dozens of Asian households for burglary

At least fifty homes targeted

The Department of Justice has charged eight Black males from New Jersey and Pennsylvania with operating a burglary ring that specifically targeted Asians.

Acting US Attorney Honig says the men are connected to at least fifty burglaries. Special Agent in Charge George M. Crouch Jr. said. “these defendants allegedly carried out a brazen conspiracy based on stereotype and opportunity. It is fitting that these arrests come at a time when society is raising awareness regarding crimes against our Asian-American citizens.”

The Department of Justice says the men used the internet to find information on Asian business owners. They also burglarized vehicles and Asian businesses to get the owner’s home address. They used racial slurs to describe Asians when communicating with each other.

In December 2018, an Asian homeowner fought with an intruder that allowed police to retrieve DNA evidence. That DNA evidence eventually led to the arrests. Three of the perpetrators were arrested while a burglary was in progress.

The following people were charged with conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property.

Rabine Armour of Easton, Pennsylvania
Kevin Burton of Newark, New Jersey
Kevin Jackson of Rahway, New Jersey
Thomas Rodgers of Newark, New Jersey
James Hurt of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
Sherman Glasco of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Randi Barr of Irvington, New Jersey
Terrance Black of Irvington, New Jersey,


Keesha Davis of Elizabeth, New Jersey, was charged with conspiracy to tamper with evidence.

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