Hate Crime: Black male stabs White 12 year old in the neck and yells racial slurs at his family

Murderous attack occurred inside a Pittsburgh McDonald's

On March 20th, a twelve-year-old boy was assaulted and stabbed in the neck at a Pittsburgh, PA McDonald. The unnamed twelve-year-old was standing in line with his parents when a man suddenly tackled him, held him down, and stabbed him in the neck with a box cutter. The perp stabbed him so hard that the blade snapped in two.

Afterward, the perp bit the boy’s father as he tried to restrain him. Then the perp yelled racial slurs at the family from the parking lot. Among other things, he called them “White Devils.” The suspect, Charles Edward Turner, is a 51-year-old Black male. Police say he has an extensive criminal record.

After the attack, the suspect violently assaulted police offers who responded to the scene. One office was lacerated on his face. Turner has been charged with criminal attempted homicide, four counts of aggravated assault, two counts of simple assault, and resisting arrest.

The unnamed victim was rushed to the hospital and originally listed as critical. He has now been upgraded to stable. Two McDonald’s employees provided first aid as the victim waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Of the local media outlets that reported the story, several completely censored all mention of the use of racial slurs.

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3 years ago

So when does the Stop White Hate rally start?

3 years ago

Unfortunately far too many media outlets will self-censor when the narrative does not fit their preconceived story line.