Hate Crime: Asian woman attacked while on her way to a rally against anti-Asian violence

NYPD hate crimes task force investigating

New York City police say a Black male assaulted an unnamed 37-year-old Asian woman on Saturday, March 20th. The attack was unprovoked, and police are investigating it as an anti-Asian hate crime.

The victim was on her way to a protest against anti-Asian violence, and she was carrying a sign. The assault occurred near the Astor Place subway station. The perpetrator approached her and asked what her sign was for, then grabbed and mutilated it. Then he punched her in the face twice, causing bruising and bloody lip. The victim also suffered a sprained ankle.

A bystander took a video of the perpetrator as he briskly walked away towards the subway station.

There have been at least two other anti-Asian hate crimes in NYC recently. On March 19th, a Black male suspect savagely beat an elderly Asian male on the subway in an unprovoked attack. The suspect yelled racial abuse at the victim.

On February 25th, an Asian man was randomly stabbed while crossing the street. Police have arrested an Arab suspect and charged him with attempted murder as a hate crime. 

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3 years ago

Well, the perp can not be a Trump supporter, since Biden himself says Blacks can only be Biden supporters.