Interracial homicides in 2023

We have found 1,185 confirmed interracial homicides so far

National Conservative has endeavored to document as many confirmed interracial homicides as possible in 2023. We have created the most comprehensive and unfiltered view of interracial homicide in the USA.  

Despite the intense focus and hyping of White-on-Black homicides by some media and politicians, interracial homicide in the USA is dominated by Blacks. Despite making up 13-14% of the USA population, we find that Blacks are the suspects in two-thirds of all interracial homicides. White people are dramatically underrepresented as suspects.

To see the entire list of all homicides, click here. To submit a homicide we may have missed, click here.

We have also launched a new interactive searchable database for homicides beginning 12/1/23.

Full Tally: 1,185

Black-on-White: 509
Black-on-Latino: 172
Black-on-Central Asian: 18
Black-on-East Asian: 23
Black-on-Middle Easterner: 18
Black-on-Pacific Islander: 3
Black-on-American Indian: 3

Black Suspects: 746

Black Victims: 181

Latino-on-White: 136
Latino-on-Black: 79
Latino-on-East Asian: 8
Latino-on-Central Asian: 2
Latino-on-American Indian: 1
Latino-on-Middle Eastern: 3
Latino-on-Pacific Islander: 1

Latino Suspect: 230

Latino Victims: 231

White-on-Black: 88
White-on-Latino: 50
White-on-Central Asian: 5
White-on-Pacific Islander: 3
White-on-East Asian: 3
White-on-American Indian: 1
White-on-Middle Eastern: 1

White Suspect: 151

White Victims: 679

American Indian-on-White: 9
American Indian-on-Black: 4
American Indian-on-Latino: 1

East Asian-on-Latino: 4
East Asian-on-White: 11
East Asian-on-Black: 2
East Asian-on-Pacific Islander: 1

Central Asian-on-Black: 2
Central Asian-on-White: 1

Pacific Islander-on-White: 7
Pacific Islander-on-Latino: 3
Pacific Islander-on-Black: 2

Middle Eastern-on-White: 6
Middle Eastern-on-Latino: 1
Middle Eastern-on-Black: 4

Middle Eastern Suspect: 11

Other (Not White, Black, or Latino) Suspects: 58

Other (Not White, Black, or Latino) Victims: 94

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6 months ago

thanks for doing the job no one else will do

telling the truth