Multiple homicide suspect “accidentally released” and allegedly kills again

Judicial system collapse?

Derek Ponder

Andrew Combs, 21, stopped at a gas station in Columbus, Ohio, on December 13th. He was murdered in front of his pregnant wife by “three males.” The media called it “an attempted robbery.”

There is surveillance video that police have not released. However, police have now apprehended one suspect.

David Johnson III was charged with the 2021 murder of Derek Ponder, and the wounding of Shandi Wiley, 41. He was released on house arrest after posting a bond.

Then he was arrested in 2022 and charged with involuntary manslaughter after his one-year-old child died from fentanyl. He also faced two counts of endangering children, tampering with evidence, and ten felony drug offenses.

Johnson was “accidentally released” from custody on December 2nd.

Now he has been charged with the murder of Combs. Police are still seeking two other suspects. Johnson lived within walking distance from the gas station.
A new warrant for his arrest had been issued immediately. It appears that the cops knew where he was staying but did not get him until after they saw him on surveillance video at the murder scene.

Note: On October 31st, a different White male victim was randomly murdered at a Columbus, Ohio, gas station by Black males. That victim was Kevin Sobnosky, 21.

Also: Columbus, Ohio, set a new record for the highest homicide rate in city history in 2021.

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