Perp had a baby with her during alleged stabbing and carjacking

Justice Bowser

Justice Bowser, 27, of Philadelphia, allegedly stabbed and carjacked a 56-year-old unnamed female victim in Lewes, Delaware.

The victim started her car from inside her house remotely on Thursday at 6 AM. When she got to her car, she found Bowser in the driver’s seat and a one-year-old child in the passenger seat. Bowser then stabbed her in the arm with a knife and drove away.

Bowser was quickly arrested after leading state troopers on a chase. The victim was hospitalized.

She has been charged with first-degree felony assault, felony use of a deadly weapon, felony first-degree robbery, felony reckless endangerment, felony vehicle theft, felony evading, and endangering the welfare of a child.

A judge ordered a $191k bond. The one-year-old is being described as “a relative.” Bowser describes herself as working for the US postal system on Facebook.

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20 days ago

She got hired at the postal service because they don’t hire White men.